Bad hair day is one of the most disappointing things in today`s world. Be it men or women everyone loves their hair. Many people say that good hair makes them confident and bold to carry out certain activities like to host a ceremony or take charge in a meeting.

11 Tips For Your Healthy And Strong Hair

Nowadays hair fall and hair damage are a grave concern to this world. Dullness, dryness, breakage is also grace concerns. People spend a lot of money on their hairstylists and with buying many new products to keep their hair look good and fresh. In markets, there are 1000+ hair products and it’s a million-dollar industry in today`s world. (

What Is Good For Your Hair And How To Make It Healthy?

Following recipes can make your hair strong and healthy: – 

  1. Increase Protein – One should include good amount of protein in their diet as hair is primarily made of protein It is being said that you need to have at least 45gms of protein daily. Meat, eggs, kidney beans, fishes are the best source of protein intake.
  2. Brush before shower – When the hair gets wet it is more weak and can break easily so it is advised to brush your hair before entering the shower so as to untangle the hair strands.
  3. Correct Shampoo and conditioner – Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner are the most important aspects of maintain a good hair. Apply shampoo first and then the conditioner, make sure to leave on the conditioner for few minutes so that it works its way around your hairs.
  4. Washing up – Many people wash their hairs more than once a day which will damage the hair. One should also not use very cold water or very hot water as this might also damage the hairs. Wet hair should be dried with care and not through brute force as hairs are weak when wet.
  5. Choosing the right comb – Never use a narrow comb as this might get stuck in your hairs making them to break. Always use a wide comb just to remove the detanglement and set your hair. Do not comb wet hair.
  6. Correct water type – Many a times the water is bad making the hair lose its strength. Make sure the water is not too hard by using the ph strips to check if its too alkaline or acidic. If the water is too hard make sure to use a water softener as this will be greatly beneficial for your hairs and your body as well.
  7. Turn down the stress – Stress affects your hair growth and is nourishment as it affects your brain. People who are usually under stressful environment are seen to lose hair much faster than people who are in a calm environment.
  8. Proper trimming – While trimming your hair make sure you visit a saloon or somewhere who knows how to trim hair properly. Trimming gets rid of damaged and split ends. It is recommended to get your hair trimmed at least once every 2 months.
  9. Helmets – People who ride 2 wheeler are needed to wear helmets. The hairs are easily damaged by the helmets as the insides of helmets are not meant to keep hair good. This causes lots of breakage and split ends. It is advisable for one to wear a cloth over their head and then the helmet there by protecting your hairs from rough helmet material.
  10. Lower down on the heat – Heat is very bad for your hair. If you are using hair dryer on a daily basis make sure the temperature is well adjusted so it doesn’t burn or break your hair. Similarly if you are going under the run it is advisable to wear a cap to protect your face as well as your hairs or carry an umbrella.
  11. Get rid of lice – Lice on your scalp are the biggest enemy of your hairs. You should get rid of them by using appropriate products or see a dermatologist who can help you with right products.

Visit a doctor – If you are experiencing a lot of hair loss or weak hair, you must visit a skin specialist or dermatologist who can check you and recommend a good treatment for your hair loss.

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