In many areas these days, the terror of mosquito makes people sick. They bite calmly which one hardly comes to know and injects its germs in the body of the victim who may have to fight with various diseases over a period.

To avoid such trouble of mosquitoes, there are multiple options available in the market among which one is the use of a vaporizer. It has several chemicals that can affect the body of mosquitoes and hence the can be easily kept away from home.

What Are The Long And Short-term Effects Of Anti-Mosquito Vaporizer?

Many of us or almost all of us have an anti-mosquito vaporizer at home. We do not miss buying the refills of these repellents during our grocery shopping every single month. We find this the easiest way to keep mosquitoes away from our sight and do not bother to have a close look at its side effects.

Well, the mosquito repellents that we diffuse into the air at home are definitely not healthy.

What Are The Long And Short-term Effects Of Anti-Mosquito Vaporizer

They have a lot of toxic elements in them to kill the mosquito. This poison is also breathed by humans and pets at home, and in the long run, it brings a severe impact on the human body and takes a toll on the health too. In this blog, we will be highlighting all the side effects that one can probably face in the short-term and in the long run when they inhale the vapors of the mosquito repellents.

The short-term effects on human health:

  • Cough – The most common effect of breathing the anti-mosquito vaporizer is the common cough. The odor of the repellents cause an itchy sensation in the air canal, and many begin coughing irresistibly. This effect is seen mostly in little children and senior adults.
  • Headaches – On continuously breathing the vaporizer, many tend to get a headache as the chemicals cause a lot of discomfort on the human brain. This effect is most commonly ignored because many of them feel that it occurs because of external factors such as watching the phone screen or the laptop screen, or even because of loud music.
  • Congestion – There at times may be breathlessness, especially in little children. The odor of the pest repellent vaporizer, when lingered in a closed room, causes breathlessness and a feeling like congestion for children and adults. The same thing happens when the device is placed very close to humans.
  • Irritation in the respiratory system – Some of the mosquito vaporizers have a lot of chemicals like lead and other elements. This causes slight irritation in the nasal passage and also in the windpipe. The symptom is again evidently seen in children and older men and women.
  • Nausea – The smell of the repellent brings in nausea for most of the men and women. This triggers nausea feelings for all of the pregnant women who inhale it.

The long term effects on human health:

  • Wheezing – The coughs caused by the odor of the mosquito repellents that are ignored in the long run causes one to have a permanent wheezing problem. This is the long term effect of the vaporizer that should not be left ignored.
  • Asthma – Asthma is another issue that happens because of prolonged wheezing and coughs. This comes as an effect of the long-term usage of mosquito repellents at home. The chemicals in the vaporizer make humans very much prone to this health condition.
  • Migraine – Many of us turn on the mosquito vaporizer machine every angle day and breathe it diligently without taking its causes seriously. This can lead to chronic headaches, anxiety, stress, and even migraine. The chemicals hit the brain so hard that migraine becomes something common to most of them in the house.
  • Sinus – There are a lot of chemicals in the vaporizer, and most of them tend to be allergens. Just like migraine, these chemicals trigger the brain and make humans susceptible to sinus issues.
  • Lung cancer – Although the repellent refills come with a tag saying that they are safe to be used around humans and pets, many of them contain the ingredients that are acute carcinogens. When these carcinogens enter into the lungs and make way into the bloodstream, they cause cancer. The most common kind of cancer that is caused is lung cancer.

These are the ill-effects of all the vaporizer content on one’s health. It is advisable not to breathe this and inhale it. You could switch to natural mosquito repellent ideas. For instance, you can bring in the mosquito repellent plants such as catnip and basil.

The other alternative you could be trying out is to diffuse the fragrance of lavender oil in the house. Lavender oil has a lot of goodness along with the pest repellent properties, and this keeps you and all your family members safe at home.