Health is everything for a person today. People do many things like dieting and hardcore training just to stay fit and healthy. Many people also take on yoga and activities like Zumba which are quite popular among the ladies. Walking is such activity that is also linked to good health.

Walking is the easiest and essential thing that we do on a daily basis from our home tasks to office tasks we walk a lot.

Does Walking Support Overall Well Being? Health Benefits Of Walking

But does walking really help you in overall good health? The following points discuss the cons and pros of walking and how it affects our health

Does Walking Support Overall Well Being? Health Benefits Of Walking

Good blood circulation – Walking has been linked to curing heart problems and increases the blood pumping capacity of the heart. Many diseases like high blood pressure can be easily tackled by walking daily. Walking also reduces your chances of getting a heart attack by 40%. Postmenopausal women should walk at least one or two-mile on a daily basis, this will lower their blood pressure very much.

Makes your bones strong – A study has found that people who have osteoporosis and who walk on a daily basis have seen less amount of loss of bone mass as compared to people who don’t walk much. Postmenopausal women who walk on a daily basis have also witnessed a reduction of hip fractures by a margin of 40%.

Makes your bones strong

Longer life – Research has found that people who walk and exercise have a higher liveability index as opposed to those who don’t walk. It has been observed that people who walk on a daily basis get past the age of 70 easily if there are no other underlying diseases in their body.

Weight reduction – For people who want to reduce their weight or their belly aft walking is the best exercise. A normal 30 min walk roughly burns around 200 calories or more depending upon the food intake and the body mass of a person. Many doctors also ask their patients to walk on a daily basis especially people who are suffering from cholesterol and blood pressure and diabetes issues.

weight reduction

Good mental relief – Walking also helps you to lighten your mood. It has been observed that people who walk regularly in the morning hours or in the evening hours are said to be happier and less stressed. It is also said that walking produces anti-oxidants in your body which helps you to lighten up your mood.

Good muscle strength – Walking helps to make your calf muscles strong and healthy. Walking is also considered a good warm-up exercise before hardcore weight lifting and another form of sports as well. Walking helps you relax your tensed muscles. People who work at a desk job are asked to walk every 20 – 30 mins so as to relax their muscles.

Good muscle strength

Good breathing exercise – Walking is considered as a good breathing exercise as well, while you walk your breath rate increases causing blood to travel faster and eliminates the waste products, and this also in turn helps your energy levels and your body`s ability to heal as well.

Helps in depression – It has been proven that people who walk long distances have are more immune to depression and anxiety. People who suffer from depression and anxiety are asked to take long walks by their doctors.

Although walking is good for the body one should not overdo it. A person should only walk in the early morning hours or evening hours. Walking under the direct sun for long periods is not at all good for your health. Even if you are required to walk under the sun make sure your body is well hydrated as walking takes a lot of water from the body to burn fats and the extreme heat also causes the body to dehydrate faster. 

If there are any difficulties faced while walking like pain or something he or she should consult a doctor or health care professional immediately. It should be noted that walking is more effective when done in the natural environment in a park or a jogging track rather than walking on the treadmill inside a gym.

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