For a healthy body, it is necessary to have the right weight. Usually, with age, people get weight increased, and over a period, one can fall into the category of obesity. Those who struggle with increased weight want to reduce it, but in case the weight reduction is faster, and there is no specific reason available, it can be a warning sign.

Unexplained Weight Loss – Reasons, Symptoms & Causes

It can be due to unexpected medical conditions that one must know and consider for immediate action. Before going for any course of action, one must monitor the symptoms and find out the reasons which can help him come up with the right course of action.

Unexplained Weight Loss - Reasons, Symptoms & Causes


Here are some of the causes that lead to unexplained weight loss in an individual.

  1. Overactive thyroid: In the case of overactive thyroid, one loses weight quickly. Although, it is only the effect of thyroid imbalance and side effects of medicines to balance the same.
  2. Diabetes: One who has higher diabetes may lose weight quickly. The consumption of sugar is lessened, and the body turns to be low on energy also.
  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is a situation where muscle mass is reduced to a significant level in a few days only. One may feel fatigued all time, and this can turn to be a situation with weakness where one cannot do his routine functions also.
  4. Muscle Loss: Muscle is the primary element that contributes to weight. With the loss of muscle mass, one can feel weight loss, but at the same time, one does not have enough capacity to carry out routine tasks also.
  5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Due to IBD, the body keeps on using energy, and hence one feels the losing weight, but in fact, it is a sign of serious disease.
  6. Depression: Depression is a mental state where one feels sad and lost. It is the same area of the brain from where the appetite is controlled. Hence one does not feel like eating, and over a period, he loses weight. The notable point here is one can go for the medicines also, but as a side effect of medicine also one may lose weight.
  7. Cancer: In this disease, the cells are quickly dividing and spread, and hence the body loses weight of around 10 lbs in a week. This is, in fact, the primary symptom of cancer. It can be a cancer of the esophagus, lungs, pancreas, or stomach, but the weight is lost quickly.
  8. Tuberculosis: TB, also known as Tuberculosis, is a medical condition where bacteria infect the lungs. It is spread by air, and one who is infected may lose appetite, which gradually leads to loss of weight. In some cases, the immunity system fights the bacteria and makes them active, but the moment the bacteria gets active, one can see the evil effects of TB.


The weight of the human body keeps on fluctuating, keeping pace with various situations. It depends on a number of factors, such as food, season, lifestyle, medical condition, and person’s activities. If all other factors are constant, and still one can experience weight loss, it can be an alarming signal. Usually, weight loss is not considered as a challenge, but if it is more and frequent, one needs to pay attention to it. Here are some of the symptoms that one needs to check before going for any medical assistance.

  • Frequent weight loss: Only weight loss is not a challenge as it can be a regular symptom also, but if it is a huge loss such as 10 to 12 lbs in a week, it can be a red sign for the body. It means there is something wrong, and one needs to find out the root cause.
  • Continuous weakness: If one feels tired while carrying out routine tasks also, one must be alert unless there is any such medical condition. In this condition, one may feel tired even after dinner or lunch, going upstairs with a few steps, and other normal jobs.
  • Frequent thirst and urination: The moment glucose level is affected, one feels frequent thirst, and it leads to frequent urination. Primarily this is a sign of diabetes; one needs to find the actual cause with the help of a medical expert.
  • Loss of appetite: In many of the cases of weight loss, the loss of appetite is the primary cause. Due to this condition, one cannot eat well and get enough food for the body, which leads to quick weight loss.
  • Sleepless nights: The medical condition or tension may lead one to have sleepless nights, which affect appetite as well as the digestion system. One cannot eat more, and hence he loses weight.

One needs to analyze his medical condition if he finds any of these symptoms as it is not only about weight loss but also for critical illnesses mentioned above.