TressAnew is providing a revolutionary new formula for combating hair loss in women of any age, that targets the root source of the problem.

Hair loss is usually attributed to many factors such as genetics, age, menopause, hormone imbalances, stress, thyroid issues, etc. But recent advances in the field of hair care have discovered an enzyme that is directly linked to excessive hair fall in women.

TressAnew Reviews – Does This Formula Reduce DHT And Promote Healthy Hair Growth?

TressAnew claims to inhibit the functions of this enzyme and nourish the strengthening and regrowth of our hair in as little as 3 months of use.

Let’s take a closer look at this formula and understand how it works, what it is made of, how to use it, and where you can get it, in this in-depth TressAnew review.

TressAnew Reviews
Product NameTressAnew
BrandHarmonium Health
ManufacturerChrissa Benson
Main BenefitsReduce DHT from the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.
Product FormCapsules
Main Ingredients Fo-Ti, Nettle Root, Saw Palmetto, and much more
Dosage InstructionTake 2 capsules per day
Direction To Use Take capsules along with your meals in the morning or at night.
Age Range Above 18
Quantity60 capsules per bottle
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
Expected ResultTake 3 months minimum
Money-Back Guarantee90 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

TressAnew Supplement – An Abstract

TressAnew is a dietary supplement that is specifically made to stop excessive hair fall and replenish the hair follicles for strengthening and regrowth.

It is completely organic and made with natural ingredients that are proven to be effective in protecting and stimulating hair regrowth.

TressAnew is made in capsule form that has to be taken orally along with your meals. 

It can be a better alternative to taking Vitamins, shampoos, DIY treatments and save you a lot of money on overpriced hair care products which can only treat the symptoms of hair fall.

TressAnew is formulated to suppress the negative effects of 5-AR enzymes, and for reversing the hair damage caused by them.

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Manufacturer of TressAnew

Chrissa Benson is the woman behind the creation of TressAnew.

She is a popular women’s health expert who has been featured in many Health magazines and nationally broadcasted in morning talk shows discussing women’s health and fitness.

After her third child, Chrissa began to notice an increase in hair fall that led to several humiliating instances in her life.

She tried everything to improve her condition but nothing seemed to work until she stumbled upon the recent studies that showed the root cause of excessive hair fall to be the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone by the enzyme ‘alpha reductase’ aka ‘5-AR’.

She immediately contacted her friend working in the supplement industry who helped her test out certain ingredients for countering 5-AR and is now in collaboration with Harmonium Health after perfecting their formula for manufacturing TressAnew in bulk.

TressAnew Reviews

TressAnew Ingredients

TressAnew is made with 3 core ingredients for inhibiting the 5-AR enzyme and also includes other hair support ingredients: –

  • Fo-Ti
  • Nettle Root
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Horsetail
  • Magnesium
  • Biotin
TressAnew ingredients


Aka Tuber fleece flower is a powerful 5-AR inhibitor that is known to fight the androgenic effects of DHT including hair fall.

In a 6 month study, 97% of women who took Fo-Ti extracts had significant improvement in hair growth and appearance.

It is also found to naturally boost the color and vibrancy of your hair by a study from the Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine.

Nettle Root

It is a natural herb that has been found to block 5-AR from converting testosterone into DHT and also for supporting faster hair growth.

Saw Palmetto

Originally discovered by ancient South American tribes, it has been used for all sorts of natural health remedies in dozens of different cultures. It is now found to naturally block DHT receptors from binding to your hair follicles.


It is a unique herb that contains antioxidants and silicon which have been shown to support long, strong, and faster hair growth.


It is one of the most vital minerals for your hair which helps counteract calcium build-up in your hair follicles that unclog them and helps to grow faster.


It is an essential B vitamin that has many proven benefits including supporting hair growth.

You can learn more about TressAnew ingredients from their official website.

How does TressAnew capsules Work?

TressAnew is specifically formulated with its potent ingredients to target the newly discovered cause of excessive hair fall.

The enzyme ‘alpha reductase’ or ‘5-AR’ for short, is found to convert the naturally raising testosterone levels in women into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is known for damaging the hair.

DHT attaches to the receptors at the bottom of your hair follicles and blocks the absorption of nutrients that nourishes the hair.

This is why topical treatments often fail to reduce hair fall, as DHT works from the inside.

The natural DHT inhibiting ingredients packed in TressAnew will help to suppress the conversion of testosterone into DHT and also clears the receptors of hair follicles from the clogging caused by this enzyme.

The additional hair support ingredients in TressAnew will help revitalize and strengthen your hair while also inducing hair growth.

Benefits of using TressAnew supplement

✅ Stops excessive hair fall and damage in women of any age.

✅ Influence hair regrowth in areas of thinning and brittle hair.

✅ Nourishes hair by restoring vibrance, shine, and strength. 

✅ Inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT and tackles hair fall at its root source.

✅ Clears up blocks in receptors of hair follicles caused by DHT.

✅ All-natural and safe ingredients.

✅ 90-days refund guarantee for dissatisfied users.

TressAnew Side effects

As said in the TressAnew review, all the ingredients of TressAnew are natural and undergo minimal chemical processing.

It is not found to interact with other medications and does not influence habit-forming behavior, so it is safe for consumption even without a prescription.

Still, if you are under any medications or have any allergies, it is a good idea to ask your physician before starting to use TressAnew.

TressAnew Dosage and How to use TressAnew capsules?

The recommended daily dosage is Take 2 TressAnew capsules along with your meals in the morning or at night.

You can take 2 TressAnew capsules together or divide the doses between the day, but keep the dosage limited to just 2 pills daily.

Most of the dosage studies were conducted on a period of 3-month use, so it is recommended to maintain the dosage for at least 3-months for better results.

TressAnew Results and Longevity

Some people discontinue use after 1 or 2 months of use without noticing major improvements. This is strictly advised against.

Dietary pills can take some time to work changes depending on several factors such as your age, metabolism, the severity of your condition, etc.

This is why a strict dosage of 3-month use is minimum for taking TressAnew.

For best results, you should extend your dosage to 1-2 years before stopping TressAnew.

You will also need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine as well for deriving maximum effects from using the TressAnew supplement.

TressAnew results

Is TressAnew Legit or not?

TressAnew is a working supplement that has already helped thousands of people achieve great improvements in their hair growth

However, it is still not a 100% assured cure. Medical conditions such as pattern baldness and alopecia require medical treatment first.

For others, TressAnew is offering a 90-days moneyback guarantee for whom the TressAnew supplement was ineffective.

Some counterfeits of the supplement are being sold through unauthorized websites which do not qualify for their refund policy.

Always ensure that you are getting TressAnew from their official website to avoid such illegitimate products.

TressAnew Customer Reviews and Complaints

Based on various TressAnew reviews, most of the customers seemed to be satisfied from using TressAnew with the majority of its users claiming great improvements from using this supplement.

Their refund procedures also seem prompt and the only serious complaints we came across were that of delay in shipment, which was mostly caused during the covid pandemic.

Shipping issues are resolved and deliveries seem to be running smoothly and on time as of now.

TressAnew Price and Where to get TressAnew?

TressAnew is currently being sold at promotional discount offers that have slashed the prices to:

???? $49.95 for 1 bottle

???? $39.95 per bottle for the 3-bottle pack ($119.85 in total)

???? $33 per bottle for the 6-bottle pack ($198 in total)

One bottle of TressAnew will only last for 1-month use, so it is recommended by the manufacturers to go for the 3-bottle pack to complete the initial 3-month course.

Supplies seem to be depleting fast and it takes some time to restock once their current stock Is over. 

Currently, TressAnew is only authorized to sell through their official website so it won’t be available in retail stores or other E-commerce sites like Amazon.

There are counterfeits of TressAnew being circulated so please ensure that you get your supply from their official website only.

Click Here To Order TressAnew From The Official Website (90 Days Money-back Guarantee)

TressAnew Reviews – Should You Buy TressAnew?

Hair fall is a part of normal aging and maturity that may not be caused by any underlying conditions. It is always a good idea to consult your physician to rule out medical conditions such as alopecia and female pattern baldness.

The prevalence of 5-AR in aggravating hair fall is a very recent discovery so if you experience unnatural hair fall, it is usually caused by this enzyme.

As mentioned in the TressAnew review, TressAnew seems to be a working solution for keeping your DHT levels low and inhibiting its harmful effects on your hair.

It is a natural supplement that is free from the most known side effects. If you have tried and failed at other treatments for hair loss, we recommended that you give TressAnew a try.

It has helped thousands of people gain visible improvements in their conditions, and they also provide a 90-days moneyback guarantee for unsuccessful users, so it seems to be worth the try.

Just make sure that you get your supply from TressAnew’s official online store only and stick to the 3-month dosage plan.


Click Here To Order TressAnew From The Official Website (90 Days Money-back Guarantee)