Motherhood is a joy ride on a rollercoaster. It is all about thrill, excitement, enjoyment and then a sudden feeling of why you just chose that ride! And if you are a newbie mommy in the town, then you are just a boiling pot of all sorts of mixed emotions.

Three Things New Moms Always Worry About

These emotions make a new mother being worried about her sweet little newborn. But postnatal worries of a mother are not just about baby but for herself as well.

Three Things New Moms Always Worry About

 New Mom: What’s the Big Deal

 It is indeed a big deal.

Being a new mom is not just about having a new little wonder in your hands. All of a sudden, it comes with all the new things in life.

From fluctuating hormonal levels to sleepless nights, a mismanaged schedule and those dirty diapers, a happy feeling with all that anxiety.

And if the personal struggle is not enough, then all the unwanted advice from every other person.

And all these things left her worried.

Worried! About what?

Let’s have a look at the things which a new mom keeps worrying about.

  • Am I a Good Mother?

After those nine months of excitement mixed with exasperation, your tiny-winy is in your hands. For a few days, newborns tend to sleep about 18 to 22 hours a day and need to wake up for feedings.

Everything is just calm and pleasing.

But suddenly everything starts changing. Your baby starts to cry a lot.

Be it difficulty in sleeping or hunger. It may be she is suffering from colic pain or has a mild gas. She might want your attention or is simply bored. She just keeps on crying for all those needs.

First-time mothers are just clueless about what the baby needs. And this is the start when they start doubting themselves.

Then might come a phase of cluster feedings and growth spurts. The baby seems hungry all the time. And not knowing the proper reason, a newbie mom is all at tears.

Unaware of the different growing phases of an infant, and being a novice at this job of motherhood, a new mother starts questioning herself. She is worried if she could be a good mother to her baby.

But it is necessary to understand that both mother and baby are learning and it is okay to suck at some things. Such situations come in every new mother’s life. And this phase shall pass.

  • Clumsy Physique and Horrible Looks

Throughout the pregnancy, you have carefully placed your clothes aside, hoping post-delivery you are going to fit in them.

But that pregnancy fat is just too stubborn to leave even after giving birth.

That loosened, wrinkled skin on your belly is quite annoying for you. Those stretch marks are bothersome. You just don’t have faintest of the idea when you are going to fit in your old clothes.

Adding to this already prevailing issues, your looks are quite horrifying too. Those smart hairstyles have now turned into messy buns.

A relaxing morning bath now seems like a marathon. Dark circles under the eyes have replaced those glamorous eyeliners.

Your body doesn’t smell of that imported perfume anymore. That permanent milky smell is your new odour.

And with such issues, a new mother always wonders if she would ever be able to get back those smart looks of her.

But don’t worry. Irrespective of a little bit of mess around, your newborn still loves you.

  • Overpossessiveness

This may sound weird and just contradicts point one, but new moms think they are the one who could take the best care of the baby.

They are always worried if the other person, it might be the father of that cuddly child, is good enough to take care of her baby.

These might be the natural protective instincts of a mother towards her baby that makes her overprotective.

But things don’t stop here. This possessiveness might sometimes reach an even more aggressive form.

Watching their baby playing and being comfortable with any other person could make her insecure. It may occur to her that her little one won’t love her as much. She is just not ready to share the love of her darling baby with anyone else.

Though being over possessive might not be a universal trait, but many new moms develop such symptoms, and this would start interfering with their other relations.  She should understand that being a mom, you might be the most caring person for your newborn, but others are equally sensitive towards your child.

And your newly born bundle of joy might enjoy everyone’s company, but she doesn’t love you less.

Just like pregnancy, motherhood is also unique, and every mother faces challenges of her own while rearing up a newborn. Worrying is a common part of a mother’s life. Talking to other mothers about their experiences and the journey of motherhood would be a good idea to help relieve those worrying and tensed phases.