Who won’t love the glow and warmth of a charming day? Rather than a gloomy, dull day, people find themselves happier on sunny days. This is because of the importance of natural lights in our life. Natural light plays a vital role in keeping our day refreshed and healthy. 

What Are The Benefits Of Sunlight To Your Health?

They are not mere lights to separate our days and nights, natural lights are important to keep all the living creatures healthy and happy. Without these natural lights, our day-to-day life would have been completely dreary.

What Are The Benefits Of Sunlight To Your Health?
Good Morning Sunshine!

Natural lights and living creatures.

Living creatures, including humans, have a circadian rhythm in their life. This natural cycle is also known as the “body’s natural clock” helps to maintain our physical, mental, and behavioral changes throughout the day intact.

Circadian rhythms are mostly affected by the lights and darkness which are controlled by a small room inside our brain.

So, if they are not functioning properly they can affect our sleeping pattern, appetite, body temperature, hormones, and also other body functions leading to depression, insomnia, obesity, diabetes, etc.

So, natural lights have a predominant role in keeping our life energetic and flourishing.

Natural light and health benefits 

Most of us love natural lights, we love to stay outdoors, also love to go for morning walks or jogging, etc., and even if we are staying inside we would love to have some natural lights inside our room.

This is because all our life without knowing these lights have been providing us with positive energy. Packed with a lot of health benefits they help us to nurture our overall well-being. 

  •  Source of Vitamin D

One of the biggest health benefits of natural light is that they are a natural source of vitamin D, they help to boost the vitamin D in our body and helps to eliminate bone loss and other major diseases such as cancer, weight gain, and heart diseases, etc. 

Vitamin D is an important nutrient and they play a vital role in maintaining our health. So, taking a sunbath or going for a refreshing morning walk can have you with the required vitamin D nutrient.

  • Serotonin and Natural light 

The bright sunlight makes us more aware and alert, in that way our body wakes up to an energetic environment which increases our productivity and helps improve our mood.

The mood-lifting benefits of the body are caused due to secretion of the hormone serotonin in our brain.

The sunlight triggers the light and darkness in our brain and thus helps boost serotonin production, making us feel calm, stay focused, and happy.

A sunny day not only improves your mood they can increase the production of antidepressants in the body keeping you happy for a long while.

Many proven types of research have shown that serotonin can avert the effects of depression and can help you stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

  • Reduce the harmful effects of fluorescent lights.

When we are trying to stay indoors we have to depend on artificial light sources such as fluorescent lights.

Even though they don’t have any threatening life effects they can cause disruption in the natural body balance causing health issues such as eye strain, sleep deprivation due to suppressed melatonin production, migraines, and can also increase the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or depression. 

So, staying outdoors and depending on natural lights whenever possible is another prior factor to keep your health intact.

  • Better sleep

When the circadian rhythm is well maintained through proper care, the secretion of hormones will also be ideal.

This natural body clock gives the body instruction on when to sleep and aids in the secretion of the sleep-promoting hormone called melatonin at night, helping you sleep better.

How to get the best out of natural lights?

The perfect time to get the benefits of natural light is at the time of sunset or sunrise. Both periods can offer you the softest and calmest lights.

Mornings are much beautiful because of the effects of the environment being quiet. Researchers have also shown that watching sunset or sunrise can improve your mood and keep you calm.

Designing your houses according to the position of the sun, placing mirrors, having big windows, choosing the colors of walls and curtains which reflect sunlight, or having open places to meditate are some other ways to get the benefits of light.