In winters, most people face dry skin problems. Winter dry skin problems are taken care of by applying winter creams and lotions. Summertime dry skin is different from winters.

Summer Skincare – How To Take Care Of Dry Skin During?

Summer dry skin is mostly due to rapid loss of moisture as compared to oils from the topical layers. In summers, people living in dry tropical climates can complain of slight dryness and itchiness of the skin.

Summer Skincare - How To Take Care Of Dry Skin During?

Hard water problems and pollution can aggravate dry skin problems in summers. Application of winter creams and lotions in summers can leave skin too greasy.

Besides, they feel uncomfortable on the skin as the skin is unable to lose heat. Know here special summertime skin care tips that can help you keep soft and supple skin all through the season.

Keep body hydrated

The body needs extra hydration during summers as compared to winters. Especially during dry summers in the months of April, May, and June, the body requires great hydration.

Before the rains, when the humidity is high, the body loses water through sweating. In humid weather also the body needs a plentiful supply of hydrating foods. Your body needs two to three liters per day of cool drinking water during summers. In summers, there is no harm in drinking as much water as you like. 

In summers, water gets passed out quickly from the body through kidneys and evaporation from the skin.

Water flushes out toxins and waste materials from the blood. However, it is important to keep a tab on sodium intake as too much sodium can impair the ability of kidneys to flush out extra water from the body.

Also, drink water at a slightly lower temperature than non-AC room temperature. Avoid gulping down cold water. You can mix ¼ parts cold refrigerated water with ¾ parts normal temperature water. In summers, you can also have one or two glasses of coconut water per day.

Have plenty of fruits and vegetables

In summers, you get fruits that have plenty of water content. Include watermelons in your diet daily. Have plenty of cucumber, carrots, and beetroot. Make summer salads and juices.

Bel is largely available in summers. Having a glass of Bel fruit drink is highly nutritious and hydrating. Other fruits that have good water content are papaya, grapes, and oranges and these have plenty of nutrition benefits too. Green leaves and leafy vegetables should also form a large portion of summer meal servings.

Apply hydrated body lotion

Hydrating body lotion with aloe vera is ideal for applying on the skin during summers. Hydrated body lotions are not too creamy like the winter lotions.

These keep the skin moisture balance intact all through the day. Their application on the skin, apart from maintaining skin moisture, also prevents itchiness of the skin and skin dandruff.

Oil massage bath

People who have acute dry skin problems can take an oil massage bath. Organic bathing oil can be massaged all over the body one hour to half an hour prior to taking a bath.

Thereafter water bath should be taken and oil should be wiped off the skin with a soft towel. The dirt and dead skin cells also get wiped off along with the oil and thus, the skin is cleansed and moistened with an oil bath.

Glycerin bath

Glycerin bath soothes dry skin and makes it supple. If you are using a glycerin soap bar, then make enough foam with scrub and apply foam over the body while taking a bath.

Glycerine liquid soaps are also available in bottles. Mix one or two drops of liquid glycerin soap in half a cup of water and stir enough to dissolve. Apply the solution over scrub and rub with hand to make lather.

Apply lathered soap over the body. Keep glycerin lather over the body for three-four minutes and then wash off with water. If you are taking a bath in the bathtub, then make glycerin soap lather in the water with few drops of glycerin liquid soap. Soak the body in a lather for few minutes before rinsing off with water.

Cleansing milk bath

Instead of oil, some people may like to apply body milk. Milk is good for dry skin and rough skin.

Apply bath milk all over the body half an hour before bath. Wipe off with a soft wet towel. Take a water bath and wipe off skin again with a towel.

Milk absorbs dust and dirt from the skin and wiping it off helps clean the skin.

Protect from sun rays

While outdoors, protect skin from harmful ultraviolet rays by applying sunscreen lotion on exposed parts, using umbrella or sunshade hats.

Wear full, light cotton clothes. Harmful ultraviolet rays can make skin chapped and dark in patches.

The effect can be long-lasting and difficult to cure even within few days. Hence it is always advisable to protect skin from sun rays during summers. 

Maintain indoor atmosphere humidity

Plant a lot of indoor plants that give out oxygen 24 hours and also maintain indoor humidity, like money plants and spider plants.

Make limited use of AC, instead use grass water coolers that maintain indoor humidity levels while cooling the room.

To reduce indoor pollution air purifiers can be used. Hang dry grass curtains in balconies, doors, and windows and spray them with water.