Sendha Namak is nothing but Rock salt that is a very essential part of our daily life. This kind of salt formation occurs when salt water evaporates. After evaporation, the residue is left behind in the form of colored crystals made of sodium chloride. This thing is then purified into a state for home use and used along with all kinds of food products. Sendha Namak has other names like Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt, Halite andSaidhava Lavana.

Sendha Namak Benefits And Side Effects

Himalayan pink salt is one of the best-known types of rock salt, but several other varieties do exist. In India, Sendha Namak is considered as alternative medicine in Ayurveda medicine that bolsters health benefits like treatment of common cold, digestive tract problems, improved eyesight, and many others. Let’s have a go through the benefits that Sendha Namak can offer you a better health improvement.

Himalayan Salt benefits

A Better Digestion

Sendha Namak is a perfect solution to cure digestive health problems like heartburn, bloating, constipation, vomiting, and another stomach-related discomfort. People use Sendha Namak instead of table salt for cooking different varieties of dishes. Even though there is no science-backed evidence for these cures, it is highly regarded to treat the above-mentioned problems. It is commonly added to yogurts and adds to the probiotic benefits the yogurt is known for solving issues relating to diarrhea, infections caused by bacteria, constipation, and allergies. Even though no scientific proof. Ayurveda treats digestive tract related conditions with the help of Sendha Namak.

Clear Throat Infections

Gargling with salt mixed warm water that is a common practice. It will help the virus to be disinfected as gargling is the best remedy for sore throats. This is a research-based practice that is very effective and recommended by the American Cancer Society. Sendha Water is the best solution for sore throat and other oral aid. Study Revealed that gargling with salt water helps in eradicating respiratory tract infections and is a very effective treating solution that can better vaccines and masks to stay away from airborne infections. Research on Sendha Namak benefits are not evident although it is widely used as a remedy for many health problems that a  person use today

Skin Health Improvement

You need to be happy because the usage of Sendha Namak is also known to bolster your skin health. Sendha Namak’s benefits are inevitable and can strengthen the skin tissues, clean up all the dead skin from your body, and rejuvenate your skin tissues to give you a perfect looking skin.

Even though there is no scientific evidence, researchers have suggested that electrolytes can leave behind the dermatitis infection that has deteriorated your skin health. You will save yourself from anti-aging and dull skin with the use of Sendha Namak.

Balances Muscles

When there is an imbalance in salt and electrolyte in our body, it leads to cramping in our muscles. These electrolytes are the minerals our body requires to stabilize and balance the nervous and muscles function and hence these minerals are found in Sendha Namak. Potassium is one of the electrolytes whose deficiency is considered a risky thing for cramps in muscles.

Because Sendha Namak contains various electrolytes, it may help relieve some muscle cramps and pains. Nonetheless, no studies have specifically examined rock salts for this purpose, and research on electrolytes is mixed. More of the scientific proofs are needed to avoid any skeptically diverted truths.

Side Effects

When something has a lot of benefits that will benefit us, it will also have a few negative sides. Sendha Namak has got a few side effects that are to be focused on.

Using Sendha Namak as an alternative to table salt will lead to a considerable lowering of the iodine level. Iodine nutrients are needed for our body because it helps in the development and growth of our body tissues and increases the metabolism level.

Intake of excess amount of Sendha Namak will lead to a surge in blood pressure levels and a higher amount of chloride. This could force our body that could force our body to go through extreme fatigue and have weaker muscles. So its always better if you limit the Rocksalt intake to a maximum of 2300 mg a day to avoid any risk.

Other Benefits

  • Metabolism of our body will be improved and it helps our body cell growth and eradicating dead cells. Since Sendha Namak has minerals that help in stimulating our body to function well, it can be used along with other salts that are iodized.
  • If you know anyone with hypertension then its better to refer them with Sendha Namak as an alternative to table salt. Sendha Namak contains high potassium that will keep a perfect balance of blood pressure level that will be stable between high and low.
  • If boosting immunity is what you desire. Sendha Namak has minerals that could help you do so. Bacteria that put our health in a critical state will be kicked out from our body with the help of your immunity that has been boosted.
  • If you think you have respiratory problems or sinus issues, Sendha Namak is the perfect answer that could relieve your problems. You will need to gargle with a solution that has Sendha Namak dissolved and later inhale the vapor.
  • Sendha Namak puts an end to those unwanted cravings by reactivating insulin to help with losing weight. Using Sendha Namak on fruits instead of table salt will be a better option.
  • Sleeping at least 7-8 hours is what is considered healthy. If you are not getting enough sleep, then intake of Sendha Namak will control the melatonin level  in our body to help us deal with a better sleep cycle
  • You can solve and manage your stress and anxiety level with Sendha Namak by mixing a tablespoon of Sendha Namak in water  that you are about to take bath in
  • Sendha Namak will purify the air by eliminating toxins like allergens and pollutants that worsen the atmosphere. It is considered as a natural air purifier that cleans the air in the environment. Keeping The Rocksalt at your office or room will help you breathe pure and fresh air that is not contaminated. It reduces swelling caused by blocked surplus fluid in the body tissues and can be solved by immersing feet in a solution of Sendha Namak. Thus swelling and inflammatory problems can be banished. This condition is the Edema
  • Sendha Namak can be used to help your skin and muscles relax and get some good sleep. Add along some water, lemon, and honey to apply on your skin and regain the glow you have wanted
  • If you think your head has unwanted particles like dandruff or dust and can’t find a way to overcome that irritation, using Sendha Namak can help you with removing all the toxins from your hair. You can do this without stopping the natural oil production that is been produced within your hair and follicles. Add them to the shampoo to rinse it off thoroughly. Dirt will be gone.
  • Adding Sendha Namak to your face wash will help you clean tons of toxins that affect your skin. Thus unhealthy pores and
  • Sendha Namak has been very helpful in curing your gum problems that have always had blood gushing out of it. It can be very painful.
  • Sendha Namak contains iron, copper, cobalt, nickel, and zinc traces that are very must be needed for our body to function steadily. They add color to the rock salt.

Benefits of sendha namak


Concluding about Sendha Namak(rock salt), it has been a regularly used ayurvedic medicine from quite a long time that helps with our skin health and treat viral infections like cough, sore throat and colds, and also other bowel conditions.  Research related proof is not available but that does not matter when there is relief from low sodium level and other conditions because of the minerals present in the Sendha Namak. This colorful salt must be used in an optimal amount to avoid any increase in blood pressure

Since table salt and Rocksalt contain different elements, their functions differ. Our body requires the elements included in both kinds of salts. So it will be better if we intake an optimal amount of both  Sendha NAmka and the table salt. An average amount of these salts are recommended to avoid any side effects. The amount of these essential elements is in small quantities and it is not completely suggested for following it if you want things to work quickly although the nutrients will help you slowly.

Taking enough amount of sodium is always better. If there is no enough sodium taken,  you will go through sleep deprivation and other sleep problems, mental problems, coma, and in severe cases death can come after you. Add Sendha Namak in a very small quantity is always good along with your lunch, breakfast, or dinner. So think nothing much. Salt is good whether it is the Rock salt or the table salt.