Let us begin the nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review with a quote written ages ago by the forward-thinking Ruby Ross Wood.” Where there is no light, there is no beauty”. That is what we are discussing today in our review article-the relationship between light and beauty.

nuGlow RGB Light Therapy Review- A Top-quality Medical-grade Treatment Panel!

This liaison is not newfound or, in the experimental stage charade, because this co-relation has been in effect for many years now, developed by and first known to have been used in NASA for plant growth experiments.

This treatment was later found beneficial for curing, even wounds. Known as the Light Emitting Diode Therapy, this is a skincare treatment that is done by using varying wavelengths of light.

nuGlow RGB Light Therapy Review

According to professional dermatologists, the benefits of this treatment are diverse. This therapy has a positive impact on so many skin-related issues, like wrinkles, acne, pimples, dark spots, signs of aging, and more. Like this was not appealing enough, we now have devices that work on the light-emitting diode concept. nuGlow RGB light therapy, the functionality, and effectiveness of which we are together going to review in this nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review.

Product Name nuGlow RGB Light Therapy
Category LED Light Therapy
Creator Matthew Caldera
Main Benefits Helps to cure problems related to skin.
Specification LED Light Therapy with 3 different colors.
Duration 10 minutes in a week
Price $399.00
Warranty 3 Years
Money-back Guarantee 30 Days
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

About nuGlow RGB Light Therapy

nuGlow RGB Light Therapy is the new name in the skincare revolution, which has been bought into the world of beauty by NuYOU LED, the company based out of Michigan, USA. They are committed to bringing the best in class LED light therapy devices in the market to eradicate a host of skin-related antagonists.

According to nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, NuGlow RGB light has been designed to be the most sophisticated LED therapy device with keeping the following components in mind:

  • Precise Spectrum– Helps in stimulating vital enzymes in the body, improves the hormonal balance, and the mitochondrial profile in nuGlow RGB Light Therapy system, with the NuGlow light therapy.
  • Therapeutic Grade Power– Get high potential and a superior quality dose of red light therapy in a stipulated time frame. The irradiance levels are higher than sunlight in the winter months.
  • Zero EMF– Zero hazardous EMF radiances emitted from the device. Furthermore, with the natural electrical connection to the ground design, the user is protected during the usage of the device.
  • Quality Components– Top class, reputable products used in the manufacturing of the nuGLOW natural light which confirms long-running reliability to its user.

The internet is all praises about the effectiveness of this avant-garde product; you can easily find many testimonials written by happy customers doing its rounds online.

Benefits of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy 2020

nuGlow RGB Light Therapy skincare device works with a very scientific method. By reading nuGlow RGB Light Therapy reviews, this has been in use and trusted by skincare professionals for many years now, which all kudos to nuYOU LED is something that you can benefit from, sitting in the comfort of your own house and that too for a very cost-effective price.

As per nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, here are the manifold benefits that come with this ultra-modern and super chic innovation towards the ultimate skincare routine:

  • Radiant and visibly healthier glowing skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps replenish lost moisture and suppleness
  • Gives a smoother overall feel to the skin, the happy bouncy texture
  • Tightens the skin, which makes it look firm and young
  • Fades out dark spots
  • Shrink pores on the skin’s surface
  • Helps maintain a healthy PH balance
  • Inflammation response support
  • Improves sensitivity of the skin
  • Helps deal with acne
  • Proven to be beneficial to fight skin eczema
  • Promotes a healthy and even complexion
  • Is highly beneficial in repairing tissues and helping in generating new ones
  • Is extremely rejuvenating and pampering for the overall skin health.

NuGlow RGB Light Therapy Skincare

About the author nuGlow RGB Light Therapy Skincare

The man behind this modern tool, which is one of the top favorite items being sold on the internet this time, is the founder of nuYOU LED, Matthew Caldera.

The goal that Matthew strives to achieve every day as a successful prosperous business owner is to help make the society that we live in imbibe and use the miracles of modern-day technology. He is working round the clock along with a team that is full at par with his vision, to bring forth cutting edge technology and use red light treatment to take away the minor skin flaws from everyone, one at a time.

Matthew wants to make sure that he is able to play a role in the lives of as many as he can to make sure they are their most confident, beautiful self.

Creator of nuGlow RGB light therapy

How Does The nuGLOW natural light Work?

The NuGLOW natural light therapy works with targeting the mitochondria, which is often referred to as the powerhouse to every cell in the human body. By analyzing nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, the light waves that are generated from nuGlow RGB Light Therapy stimulate the mitochondrial functioning in our body, which in turn repairs worn-out cells as well as produce new ones.

The process that is used in this device is a form of Photobiomodulation therapy that is very popular in professional-level skincare and treatment procedures. There are 3 different colors that are present in The NuGLOW natural light device and each light has remedial and healing properties associated with them for different skin problems, they are:

  • Red Light 620 nm– Fights aging by maintaining collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • Green Light 490 nm– Works towards generating an even-toned, healthy complexion.
  • Blue Light 450 nm– Clears the skin off acne and fights forthcoming breakouts.

NuGlow works in a systematic approach which makes sense and nudges us towards accepting the benefits of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy. As mentioned in this nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, first, the red light promotes cellular energy, which helps produce more oxygen and less nitric acid, thus leading to anti-inflammatory properties and overall healthier skin.

The usage is simple, it is  as follows:

  • Cleanse and dry the face before usage
  • Choose the color on the device based on the skin condition being treated
  • Press start on the touch screen panel and let the light waves do their magic
  • Once done, apply moisturizer to hydrate the skin.

What’s included in nuGlow RGB Light Therapy?

Here is a list of the items that come with nuGlow RGB Light Therapy box:

  • Top-quality medical-grade treatment panel
  • 3 unique RGB colors
  • Irradiance: 215mw/cm2 on contact
  • 30-degree beam angle
  • 32 pieces 3w non-flicker LEDs
  • Adjustable detachable stand
  • Digital LCD controller and timer
  • Ultra-portable allows ultimate flexibility
  • Full 3-year warranty
  • Country specified power card
  • Sunglasses
  • User guide

Pros and Cons of nuGLOW natural RGB Light Therapy

After spending hours in the research that has gone behind writing this nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, here is what we can tell you about the pros and cons of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy:


  • Professional quality treatment option at home
  • Very little time and labor-consuming process
  • No chemicals used in the process, so side effects are nil
  • One device takes care of multiple problems so can be shared amongst family members
  • One time buy, no renewals or subscriptions required
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • No surgeries or incisions required
  • The scientific approach used in the process
  • 3 years warranty and many more
  • Multiple customer testimonials with strong backing statements for this product.


  • As of now, we are unable to mention anything that could harm the reputation of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, simply because of the unavailability of any such material online or elsewhere.

nuGlow RGB light therapy customer review

Who can use nuGlow RGB Light Therapy?

Our skin, like all other parts of our body, goes through regular wear and tear and becomes weak and old with time, these show through skin imperfections and other similar symptoms.

Some of us have been suffering from skin-related issues ever since we can remember- nuGlow RGB Light Therapy is for all types of skin-related issues, small or major. Also, because there are no chemicals involved in the process, this is relatively safe for anyone.

Here is a list of reasons that will make one buy nuGlow RGB Light Therapy, are you in here:

  • Age-related skin issues
  • Post-pregnancy skin problems
  • Acne hardships since very young
  • Reactions due to prolonged medication
  • Lifestyle consequences
  • Been using chemicals and or over the counter medication without any improvement
  • Thinking of seeking professional help but contemplating because of the high charges.

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We have come at the end of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review and here are our final views on nuGlow RGB Light Therapy- a very modern, efficient, and long-standing proven technology has been used in the making of the nuGLOW natural RGB Light Therapy, something that has been prevalent in the professional skincare front.

Also, the fact that nuGlow RGB Light Therapy is completely natural will make us root for it further. What impressed us towards giving a positive review the most, are the many, very emotional customer testimonials that are available all over the web, which talks about how nuGlow RGB Light Therapy has changed their lives for the better.

Lastly, the confidence that Matthew and his team have on nuGlow RGB Light Therapy is admirable. By reading nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, A 3 years warranty plus a 30 days money-back guarantee tells us all that we need to know. So we are giving an absolute positive GLOW to NuGlow RGB Light Therapy.