Most of the adults in today`s world experience blood pressure issues. For some this is hereditary and for some, it develops over time due to their eating habits or the stressful life they follow. 

Natural Remedies To Control Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure (BP) is the pressure at which blood flows through the walls of blood vessels. This pressure is created by the heart in process of circulating the blood throughout the body. (Xanax) The normal range for BP is between 90/60mmHg to 120/80mmHg.


Natural ways to Control Blood Pressure

  • More Workout – Normal exercise like walking is also said to regulate the blood pressure This is because walking stretches your muscles and this gives blood vessels much more room to expand when the flow of blood is more through them. One must at least walk for 30 mins in a day for regular stretching of muscles.
  • Lower your salt intake – Salt has high amounts of sodium which is said to affect blood pressure. In many individuals if too much sodium is taken in then the body starts to retain water. This causing dehydration and higher blood pressure.
  • Lower your excess body weight – High weight also leads to blood pressure as the extra fat around the waist area also called as the visceral fat can be fatal and cause many problems. The visceral fat surrounds the many organs in our abdomen and this obstructs the flow of blood through the blood vessels causing increased blood pressure in the long run.
  • Lower your nicotine intake – Every cigarette you smoke elevates your blood pressure for several minutes. This is the feeling you get known as high. However, if you smoke on a daily basis and do not exercise then your blood pressure will stay high for longer period of time eventually causing many more problems. Smoking also causes other disease like cancer, heart attack or a stroke.
  • Lower your alcohol intake – Having alcohol once in a while or having red wine with your meal is perfectly healthy. This even has its benefits, however, if you are a heavy drinker than it leads to complexity as alcohol reduces the effectiveness of some blood pressure medicines. Also if large amount of alcohol is consumed it causes dehydration which also results in elevated blood pressure.
  • Relieve stress – Stress is considered to be the major factor for majority of people experiencing high blood pressure. The stress is normally seen in people who have very busy work hours. The solution for this is to compartmentalize your work and to do some self help exercise like breathing techniques or yoga is said to be the most effective in combating stress.
  • Higher intake of potassium – Potassium helps in removal of excess of sodium intake in the body which in turn helps to keep the blood pressure regulated. Be away from processed foods as they have high amount of sodium whereas get more of leafy veggies or fruits like melons and bananas which are potassium rich. Milk and yogurt are also good options.
  • Get more of Green tea – Blood Pressure is directly associated with oxidants present in the body. Green tea has high amounts of anti-oxidants in them which lowers the oxidation levels in the body, thus maintaining blood pressure in the body. 
  • Eat more of dark chocolate – Dark chocolate is not liked by many however dark chocolates are rich in flavonoids which help in dilation of the blood vessels which in turn helps to maintain blood pressure in our system. Like dark chocolates cocoa powder also helps in managing the blood pressure levels in our body.
  • Eat more berries – Berries are packed with an enzyme known as polyphenols which reduces the risk of stroke, diabetes, heart conditions and lowers the blood pressure. Berries also makes your heart pump blood more effectively maintaining the right amount of blood pressure in the body. Berries should be included in our diet and are easily obtainable.
Eat more berries

The above methods help to greatly regulate the blood pressure at home and are quite easy to follow once you get used to it. However, it should be noted that if the blood pressure keeps on rising then one should visit the doctor or seek professional help at the right time.

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