During periods the hormones released by the body induce the uterus muscles to contract so as to enable the removal of uterine pledget from the body. The hormone prostaglandin released during menses has inflammatory action. It is normal to feel pain just before periods and one or two days after starting periods.

How To Sleep With Period Cramps?

Some women feel the greater intensity of pain and some no pain at all. If pain is extreme it is best to consult with a doctor as that can be a symptom of any abnormality, illness, or disease. Timely medical advice can help overcome abnormal conditions causing excess pain.

How To Sleep With Period Cramps?

Care during period pain

During periods, the inflammation pathways in the body are activated. It is, for this reason, it is best to avoid foods that are spicy, bitter, sour, and oily during periods. Usually, strong flavor foods have inflammatory properties. Every month, just before the start of periods till completion a diet low on inflammation-producing foods can be adopted.

Pain and high inflammation present together can be difficult to bear. Keeping inflammation low by avoiding the intake of spicy foods makes the pain more bearable. It is also important to follow a proper personal care routine during periods and maintain hygiene.

Lack of hygiene during periods makes the body more susceptible to attack from germs. Disease conditions during periods can aggravate pain and inflammation.

Diet during periods

Some foods reduce inflammation. These foods can be included more in diet during periods. Papaya, melon, cucumber, banana, cream, milkshakes (banana, almond not mango) have a soothing effect on the body. Citrus fruits can be avoided during periods.

Curd, lemon, tomato and tamarind-based food preparations can also be avoided. Food should be cooked lightly in a healthy cooking medium without onion, garlic and ginger.

Women on weight loss programs who may want to avoid high-calorie foods like creams and shakes can take soy or skimmed dairy milk. Hot foods and drinks can be avoided during periods. 

Medicines for period cramps

Medicines for reducing period cramps should be taken under medical advice. The doctor can prescribe medicines in cases of severe abnormal pain. However many may just pop in pain killer drugs available over the counter to get over the pain.

Ibuprofen is a commonly used OTC medicine during period cramps or other body pain conditions. Ibuprofen is a nonsteroid anti-inflammatory agent. The drug is widely used as an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory medicine.

The drug produces its action by inhibition of COX-1 and COX-2. COX-1 inhibition has been linked with undesirable effects on gastrointestinal mucosa and accumulation of platelets. Long use of ibuprofen has been associated with gastrointestinal toxicity and renal function changes.

In the event of extreme pain and cramps during a period, a single dose of ibuprofen can be taken and the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Can sleep reduce period cramps?

We have all known the wonderful effects of sleep. After a good sleep, there is a subsidence of pain and discomfort. That sleep is a natural analgesic has also been established by the medical world.

We fall asleep quickly when we are comfortable. During period cramps many women can find it difficult to go off to sleep. However once asleep there is good recovery from pain and inflammation during the time the body and brain are in sleep mode.

It is very important to get the required amount of sleep during periods. Here are few means to make you fall asleep even with period cramps

Get room cleaned

Don’t sleep in an unclean room and on an unclean bed and mattress any day and especially during minces. Unclean surroundings can distract the mind from sleep.

Get some fresh flowers

Keep some fresh flowers like lavender below your pillow. Light soothing fragrance distracts the mind from pain and helps fall asleep quickly.

Light a scented candle

You may like to sleep in a room dimly lit by a scented candle to make you feel better during your periods. 

Take a bath

Have a lukewarm bath and change into fresh clothes before you go to bed.

Have a nice meal

Have a hearty meal one hour before going to bed. You may like to have some chocolate ice-cream during period pain. It is no harm to indulge sometimes.

Keep a hot water bottle

Place the hot water bottle on the abdomen to help relieve the pain sensation.

Watch programs you like

Taking the mind away from pain lowers pain sensation. Draw your mind away from pain. Read, listen to music or watch TV programs.

Refuse anxiety

Don’t think about uncompleted chores, assignments, or projects while preparing for sleep. Worrying causes anxiety and aggravation of pain and inflammation condition. Just wish yourself a good rest.

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