Ear wax is a yellow substance that is present in the ear canal. The accumulation of this substance is called earwax. Everyone gets ear wax and many of us are not sure how to remove them. Many people prefer the home remedy while some go to doctors.

How is ear wax formed? How To Remove Flattened Ear Wax Blockage Fast?

There are these special glands in our ear that cause these secretions which then combine with the dead skin cells finally to form the ear wax. The ear wax over a long period of time starts growing and later moves from the inner part of our ear to the entrance of the canal. Our mouth movement also helps the ear wax to travel in the ear canal.

How To Remove Flattened Ear Wax Blockage Fast

Sometimes there is a blockage in the canal which causes the flow to be obstructed and over time the ear wax gets accumulated in a particular region. This won’t totally hamper your hearing ability but over a long period of time could be fatal. Using the earphones for a long period of time can also lead to ear wax formation as there is no air circulation in the ear canal.

Is Ear wax important?

Ear wax is formed by our body to clean and protect the ear canal. This wax and the small hairs in our ears stop the outside particles like dust from entering your body through the ear which could damage our internal structure or the eardrum. Removal of ear wax takes hardly a few mins and it does not contain any painful treatment.

Ways to treat Ear wax

  • Hydrogen Peroxide – One of the most common ways to remove earwax fast is to add few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide on a cotton ball and place it on the ear. An eyedropper with hydrogen peroxide of 2-3 drops in the ear canal will also do the trick. Keep your health tilted in one direction for the next 5 – 10 mins and once done tilt the opposite way so that the wax can come out.
  • Rubber ball Syringe – One can also use a rubber ball syringe with water. Apply few drops of water in the ear and tilt your head sideways for few mins, once done tilt the other way so that the wax comes out. One must ensure that the water is not forced with force into the ear canal as this may cause issues. Also, the water should not be too cold or too hot, make sure it is warm as per the body temperature.
  • Ear Drops – One can purchase these drops from their local pharma stores. These eardrops normally contain water or some oil-based ingredients which soften the ear wax. These ingredients are mostly carbamide peroxide. Before using ear drops kindly go through the instruction manual which is being provided with it.
  • Household Remedies – Baby oil, glycerine, and mineral oil are also said to have a good effect on ear wax and helps them remove quickly. The same head tilting procedure is to be followed for this remedy as well.
  • Ear Candle – Nowadays ear candles are largely available in markets that claim to remove ear wax. How this works is the candle is inserted in the ear and the person is to lay with his head tilted in one direction and there is a plate between the ear and the candle, and the candle is placed through a hole in the plate into the ear so as to protect the skin from the burning wax.

However, this is not recommended as the FDA states that the use of ear candles might cause burning, fires, ruptured eardrums, and bleeding as well.

  • Getting Professional Help – Going to the doctor is all time recommended as they are professionals and can help in depth. There are various methods in which a doctor might remove the ear wax, some of them are:- by using a suction tube, by irrigation method, by using a rubber ball syringe, or though curette – this is an instrument which the doctors have.

It is advisable to see the doctor if you feel your ears are hurting after using the home remedies or if there is excessive bleeding. Never try to dig out the wax using hardened items like a paper clip, a cotton swab, or a hairpin.

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