Before going deep into the differences between Kibo Code and the Kibo Code program, you must first have a basic understanding of them as a whole. The Kibo Code program is an 8-week eCommerce training program that lets anyone run a profitable eCommerce business. The Kibo Code Quantum will be a refreshed version of the Kibo Code program which was launched in January 2020. Both the online training programs focus on helping people make money online easily.   

The difference between Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum: 

The Kibo Code Quantum is one of the most anticipated online training programs of 2021. All those who have attended the last year’s Kibo Code program and those who couldn’t be able to attend are eagerly waiting for the Kibo Code Quantum launch this year. While all are unanimously hoping for the best, let’s go through some of the factors that show how different the Kibo Code Quantum can be from the Kibo Code program.

You might be thinking as if the Kibo Code Quantum would be nothing other than a modified version of the previous year’s program. However, the creators of Kibo Code Quantum has made it clear that the program will not be just a reboot or relaunch of the old version. Aidan Booth and Steve Coleman have announced that the Kibo Code Quantum program will be an entirely new one, covering up more than what the Kibo Code program has already done. 

The creators have also made it clear that the success of the Kibo Code program has helped them find the major pitfalls and areas to be touched deeper. The new business model going to be introduced in the Kibo Code Quantum will be inspired by the success as well as the customer complaints and feedback. They also stated that unlike the Kibo Code program, Kibo Code Quantum will be set to run with the help of unique software, which was created after massive research and investment. 

As the Kibo Code Quantum launch is nearing, experts come up with many speculations and suggestions studying the previous program and other trends in the eCommerce market. As per some of the Kibo Code Quantum reviews, the program is expected to be based on a 5-step system for building a successful online business. While the Kibo Code program covered 7 different modules in the 8-week long online training, we are clueless about how long the Kibo Code Quantum program will be.

Expecting it to be an upgraded version of the previous program, the Kibo Code Quantum might have a better structuring of modules and schedules. We can expect the Kibo Code Quantum price to be much higher as it is the advanced version. Leaving no clue about the program, the creators are throwing a free webinar session prior to the Kibo Code Quantum launch. Let’s wait a few more hours to get more idea about what the Kibo Code Quantum has in store for online entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.