The two bean-shaped organs in the human body are responsible for filtering out the wastes and even extra water. And yes, these organs are none other than kidneys. 

Healthy Kidneys: Are The Filters Working Properly?

Your circulatory system circulates water and nutrients apart from oxygen throughout the body. It is really important to maintain a healthy balance of minerals and water and to remove extra waste from the body. The task of filtering the stuff is assigned to the kidneys. 

Healthy Kidneys: Are The Filters Working Properly?

One can imagine what happens if the waste gets accumulated at a place and is not filtered out. It creates trouble. The same is the case in the body. So one must always be vigilant about the kidney’s health and look after the signs if the kidneys are working fine or not.

Wondering how to get to know if these palm-size filters are working properly or not?

Just look for some signs in your body that will help you in knowing if the kidneys are healthy or need a bit of extra care.

  • Foul Breath: No wonder accumulation of waste and toxins in the body can be revealed through the mouth. A foul breath and metallic taste are a result of improper filtration by your kidneys. 
  • Fatigue and Loss of concentration: Accumulation of waste in your body along with a disturbing mineral balance can lead to tiredness. Feeling weak and losing concentration power is also very common. 

A toxin build-up might impact the flow of oxygen to the brain. This will result in confusion even while performing simple tasks.

  • Sleep Disturbances: If your kidneys aren’t filtering the toxins and waste effectively, then it will disturb the biological processes. This also leads to a disturbed sleep pattern.
  • Skin Issues: Healthy inside and glowing outside. But what if the inner health, nutrient balance, and cleanliness are not up to the mark? Well, the outside glow will be gone. Dry and itchy skin will reduce the glow and this is caused by the improper filtration of waste matter and water by the kidneys.
  • Frequent Urination: If you need to pee frequently, and there is also a burning sensation down there while peeing, signs are that your kidney filters need additional care. Though urinary tract infections can also make you visit the toilet more often if left untreated, that is ultimately going to harm the kidneys again. 
  • Blood in Urine: The presence of blood in the urine is scary. But various kidney issues can make the blood cells pass through the kidney filters and are excreted through urine. Diagnosis is important in this case as it can be a sign of other fatal diseases like tumors. 
  • Frothy Urine: Not that you have drunk soapy water before urinating, but frothy urine is definitely a thing. The presence of proteins in the urine can make it look frothy. One can go for an albumin test anytime to detect the quantity of it. 
  • Puffy eyes: Your eyes will let you know if a large amount of protein is passed through the urine. A persistent puffiness around the eyes might be an early sign to detect the damaged kidneys.  
  • Swollen ankles and feet: The symptoms can arise due to heart and liver problems as well. But kidney issues are a common cause behind sodium retention in the body due to imbalanced mineral proportion. This leads to swelling in the lower body parts like ankles and feet. Sometimes, the swelling can be observed on the face as well.
  • Loss of appetite: No matter how small or large any health condition is, a slight depletion in health prevents you from feeling hungry. This is a very general symptom and applies to kidney issues as well. 
  • Anemia: The stomach helps in making red blood cells as well. A malfunctioning kidney will not make enough red blood cells that can lead to anemia. Again, it can cause further symptoms related to fatigue and weakness, foggy brain, and reduced appetite. 

Cleaning is important. Whether one cleans the surrounding, or your body cleanses itself from wastes through kidneys. So one should always go for a regular urine test to know if the kidneys are working fine.

Apart from that, just do not forget to drink plenty of water to help kidneys filter out the toxins. And if the inside of the body is clean, the outer body will certainly be clear, glowing and full of energy.