Welcome to the Healthy Heart Network Review.  “Prevention is better than cure”, is one of the most common quotes used by people in their life. This quote gets totally new importance when you mention about cardiovascular diseases. Reports suggest that almost 50% of deaths in the western world in recent times are due to cardiovascular diseases. Every year around 350000 people die just because of heart attacks in the United States.

Healthy Heart Network Review – Best Online Course To Learn And Keep Your Heart Healthy?

These diseases are mostly genetic, but the number of cases that have got this for the first time in their past 3-4 generation is increasing day by day. The main reason for this is due to the unhealthy diet and lack of exercise in the daily life of people nowadays. Well, it’s quite evident that one cannot control a heart attack from happening, but surely it can be prevented.

So to help people from these types of diseases, the world-famous Dr.Warrick Bishop, a cardiologist from the University of Tasmania, has stepped forward with an amazing idea of Healthy Heart Network. So let’s jump into the specifics and read this in a detailed Healthy Heart Network review.

Healthy Heart Network Review

Product Name Healthy Heart Network
Category Heart disease
Main Benefits Reduce the risk of any heart attacks
Author Dr.Warrick Bishop
Price $40.70
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

About Healthy Heart Network course

Healthy Heart Network is an online course which basically aims to bring people with these type of problems together. It is specifically designed to make you learn and interact with other people who are in a similar position to move forward in their journey to an improved heart condition and reduced risk of any heart attacks.

There are 5 basic steps to follow in this program:-

  1. Discovery – understand and get to know your heart.
  2. Assessment – Learn about the assessments and how they work.
  3. Health plan – Create a health plan.
  4. Action plan – Develop your own food and exercise plan.
  5. My journey – track your progress, assess your results, and follow up.

Going through all the information and knowing what’s best for your heart can be a hell lot of challenges. But the sole purpose of this network is to give its members the apt amount of knowledge, which will enable them to control their own health.

According to Healthy Heart Network review, On top of all this, support from others who have chosen to go through the very same journey will ensure that one never loses hope and is always learning from the community.

What is Included in the Healthy Heart Network program?

Healthy Heart Network By Doctor Warrick Bishop is an online course cum network that can be used by people in two different packages.
The first one is a free healthy heart membership. Healthy Heart Network review suggests that you don’t need your credit card details or anything to get access to this. You just need to sign up and voila! You are good to go. The free membership includes:-

  • access to the membership site
  • Access to their Television show
  • You can get the member-only exclusive access to the digital low carb healthy fat starter program, which is valued at just $20 for members.
  • In the end, you will also be given access to their Healthy heart mini-course.

The second one is the prime membership called The healthy heart network member plus. On top of everything you are getting In the free membership, you will get the following premium features and access to:-

  • Their membership site and course
  • A private Facebook group so that you can connect and learn from other people.
  • Healthy heart network monthly health journal
  • Every fortnight group coaching calls
  • Get Online Sugar Detox Program, Healthy Fat Living, Digital Low Carb Healthy Fat Starter Program Low Carb eBooks
  • Nutritionist consultation values at only $50.
  • Heart disease prevention food
  • Heart disease prevention tips
  • Get access to Healthy Heart Network book

Healthy Heart Network creator

Dr.Warrick Bishop, the creator of Healthy Heart Network, is a cardiologist, keynote speaker, and the best selling author. He follows his passion for helping the needy and aims to stop and prevent the heart disease growing pattern in the world right now.

Mr.Warrick has completed his graduation from School Of Medicine, the University of Tasmania in the year 1988. After that, he did a training in cardiology from Hobart, Tasmania to become a fellow of the Royal Australia college of physicians.

Doctor Warrick Bishop

Pros and Cons of Healthy Heart Network online course


  • Get the best material from the expert
  • Discounted products
  • Get coaching calls from the expert
  • Enjoy nutritionist consultation at a meagre price
  • Get to know more people and learn new things every day
  • Have access to journals designed explicitly for this purpose


  • If it’s genetic, it doesn’t guarantee you will 100% avoid heart disease.

Who is Healthy Heart Network program designed for?

So far mentioned in the Healthy Heart Network review, Healthy heart Network is designed for everyone, but preferably the ones who show mild symptoms of heart problems should definitely join this course. Diseases come without knocking. You won’t even know before its too late, especially for the people who are more than the age of 40 are prone to get heart diseases.

Reports suggest that 1 in every 15 people in the world suffers from some kind of heart disease. So why wait? Be prepared, stay healthy, because a little bit of caution will be fruitful for the rest of your life.

How does Healthy Heart Network help to reduce your risk of suffering a Heart Attack?

The course is divided into 5 basic steps before you reach your goal to reduce the risk of your heart attack:-

  • Step 1 – Discover
  1. Understand the risk first.
  2. How much is in your hands to control?
  3. Understand your heart
  4. Why your current lifestyle is not suitable for you
  • Step 2 – Assessment
  1. get to know about the assessments
  2. Learn about heart scans and how they work
  3. Analyze your test results and at last, determine the risk of your heart attack
  • Step 3 –  Health plan
  1. do your diet assessment
  2. Plan what is best for you
  3. Finalize your medication
  4. Discuss your medication problem (if any)
  5. Get to know about supplements
  • Step 4 – Action plan
  1. qualify for your medications targets
  2. develop a food plan
  3. build your exercise assessment and plan it
  4. get hands-on our nutritious heart-healthy recipes from the package
  • Step 5 – My journey
  1. track the progress you have made
  2. follow up by a blood test
  3. follow up by a weight and exercise checkup
  4. Assess your other body assessment
  5. Repeat blood test to monitor further progress
  6. Note down the changes

Healthy Heart Network By Doctor Warrick Bishop

Healthy Heart Network bonuses

Bonus items are generally for additional benefits that some manufacturers give to their users. They are used to make the overall package more alluring. So to make this package more helpful and exciting, there are 6 bonuses by Healthy Heart Network by Dr.Warrick Bishop mentioned below in the Healthy Heart Network review:-

  •  Heart Attack Prevention kit and a personal journal valued at just $50.
  • Bonus Low Carb Healthy Fat Starter Program valued at just $200
  • Online Sugar Detox Program evaluated for only $20
  • Low Carb, Healthy Fat LivingeBooks such as recipes and meals plans valued at $50
  • Recommended Tests rebate (per member) of $125
  • Complimentary 15 min One-on-One Personal Consultation with Our – Nutritionist valued at $49


After going through the whole Healthy Heart Network review, we can say that this product is a necessity for the ones who need it. It’s worth its price. This program facilitates each person’s individual journey from a weak and unhealthy heart to an improved healthy heart with reduced risk of suffering any type of heart disease. On top of that, you can access the best selling books from Dr.Warrick Bishop “Atrial Fibrillation explained” and “Know your real risk of a heart attack” which will give you a detailed view of your current health situation.

Every week you will be able to access new videos and activities and written resources. All of which are very easy to understand and easy to implement.

Research has shown that to get a lasting transformation, it is more important to have support from outside. To have someone beside you to witness your intentions and who supports you as you go into this journey, encourage you this whole time, remind you every day why you are doing this, and is available at the end to celebrate with you is very motivating and reassuring.

It gives you a sense of hope, and we know “where there is hope, there is a way”. Except for the materialistic help, you will get social support and knowledge from the network. As per many Healthy Heart Network reviews, Belonging to the Healthy Heart Network means that you are not alone. You have a huge group to support you, no matter how much difficulty you have to face. You will come out of that one day!