Have you ever heard a woman saying that she needs a day off? They work 24*7 like an unpaid caregiver at home and are up for the challenges when it comes to working. When it comes to being a mother or a daughter in law, they simply whittle themselves in order to keep everything in order and everyone happy.

Health And Fitness Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Here are seven tips on health and fitness every woman should follow.

Health and fitness tips for woman

Start a 5-minute gratitude journal

Start by being kind to yourself and grateful for things around you, no matter how small they could appear. It goes a long way to help you feel more positive emotions, express compassion, and kindness to others. Believe it or not, it even helps to build a stronger immune system.

Yes, you read it right. In a study conducted by Dr. Robert Emmons studied the effects of practicing daily gratitude on our health. The results were astonishing. Not only does cultivating a heart filled with gratitude increase your energetic vibration at a cellular level, but it also activates the parasympathetic part of your nervous system.  It means less stress and more calmness to zoom through your hectic days.


Women, more often than not put themselves last. Whether it’s your office work or managing your kids, it can all get a little overwhelming at times. In a survey done by  Jean Hailes Woman’s Health, it was found out that 60 percent of the women don’t even get 2-5 hours of weekly physical activity. That’s so alarming. Don’t we all deserve a more happy, productive, and resilient version of us everyday?

As mentioned in the Meticore review Just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise can increase the brain-derived neurotrophic level giving you a sharper memory and an increased sense of wellbeing. Exercising early morning releases endorphins which are your body’s happiness hormones. Your body is your home. So break a sweat to release those negative toxins away.

Try Restorative Yoga Asanas

In restorative yoga you hold each pose for a little longer, you stretch slowly and allow each muscle to relax. Following this type of Yogasana practice helps you release muscle tension and relax deeply. It helps you to identify your stress triggers and adopt conscious relaxation techniques to combat them.

Practice meditation and mindfulness

It sounds complicated, but it is not. According to the revision supplement, Connecting with your inner self by closing your eyes for 5-8 minutes is simple. Focus on forming a natural rhythm with your breaths. Inhaling all the positivity and exhaling all the negativity,  Give yourself the transformative gift of meditation. It helps you to declutter your mind from the daily humdrum of life. It brings mindfulness within you.

Be in the moment without being panicky and anxious about the next moment. When you try to make this a habit you will eventually find less stress and more awareness within you. Start by watching the number of steps you take in your walks or counting the number of bytes while having food.

Do not compromise on your 3 meals

Start your day with a healthy breakfast, that will not only provide you with energy for the rest of the day but also kick starts your metabolism. Eat-in small portions but please take out time to eat and have a proper diet rich in calcium, fiber, and iron. Make sure you get adequate zinc in your diet to build better immunity.

Another important mineral for your body is magnesium. Magnesium plays a key role in your menstrual health and regulating your sleep. It is good for your bones too.

Pay attention to your body and stay hydrated

Your body gives you a warning sign when it is about to get exhausted and tired. You overlook it and it takes a toll over your health in the long run and then you realize how you have been ignoring your health. Please pay attention to those signals.

Also, watch out for any signs of dehydration. Drink plenty of water. You may be juggling between tasks throughout the day. Studies have shown the ill effects that even mild dehydration can bring to your ability to concentrate and remember things. It can affect your productivity also.

It may seem very basic to remind you to drink a glass of water but staying hydrated is very important for your health as it leads to better physical and mental functioning.

Treat sleep as your income.

Women are much more prone to overthinking. It is important to ensure that you do not let the stressors of the day hamper your sleep time. Therefore you have to ensure that you treat your hour before going to bed as sacred.

Your mind needs to get into a relaxed state. So read your favorite novel, watch that comic series you love. It is important to point out that too much mental stimulation reduces your chances of a full rejuvenation for the next day. Give yourself the time you deserve and yes keep your phone away before you go to bed. Too much mental stimulation reduces your chances of a full rejuvenation for the next day.

So my dear ladies, never underestimate the power of good food, good sleep, and a little exercise.  Also, make sure that you schedule regular checkups with your doctor. Your body is your prime residence, so please take care of it and protect it. Take out some time and allow yourself to unlock the fittest and healthiest version of you.