The existence of visceral fat is a silent indicator of unhealthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it leads to a disease condition that goes unheard of until the penultimate moment of diagnosis.

How To Get Rid Of Visceral Fat – Is It Really Possible?

Did you know that having fat deposits in and around internal organs can lead to long term diseases? Some of these diseases are :  

How To Get Rid Of Visceral Fat - Is It Really Possible?
  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • dementia
  • cancer
  • asthma
  • liver disease
  • high blood pressure
  • gall bladder disease
  • gout
  • fertility problems
  • lower back pain
  • osteoarthritis

Another factor that we tend to ignore in our busy daily lives is that visceral fat increases stress levels in us. How do you study the growth or development of visceral fat in your body?

The answer is simple. Check the waist line on a daily basis. Measuring the waist line helps you track belly fat and an increasing waistline is the first indicator of silent deposits of visceral fat in your system.

As soon as you see a steady increase in belly fat, make sure you take all the steps to decrease the menace. 

What are the best ways to combat visceral fat growth inside your body? Let’s take a look. 

The Basics – 

Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise well. 

1.Maintain a healthy diet no matter which form of luxury you are living. Remember, the ultimate luxury is to be able to enjoy the company of family and friends and near and dear ones by staying healthy for them and with them. So in spite of isolation or five star living, do not indulge in unhealthy diet. Avoid carbs and fat foods, especially the yummy junk foods that come your way. Remember, the greens and steamed non-veg dishes are always better off than the oily and barbecued stuffs. 

2.Remember never to forego sleep. Your body needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. How much ever light a sleeper you may be, do not enjoy hyperactivity with 6 hours of sleep. It is okay to be able to spread the energy 2 hours later. The need to sleep well is more to optimize body processes like rejuvenating the muscles and tissues that help in your daily activity tirelessly. Breaking up of visceral fat is better attained when the body has had enough sleep. So don’t miss it. 

3.Exercise daily for at least 15-20 minutes. Ideal time for daily exercise is 30 minutes each day. The sedentary form of life leaves everyone with a sense of rest and this can lead them to feel lazy enough to not exercise the body daily. But a few simple exercise routines, like a walk or jog, skipping routines, cycling routine or simple aerobics can help reduce visceral fat. And this in turn helps you optimize the health condition and make it even better. 

4.Strength training has always been a secondary form of exercise but if you can start it, there is no better solution than that. Visceral fat can be kept from coming back through the use of strength training because weights and iron bars condition the muscles and tissues to not be able to hold fat at all. This therefore, ensures a non-increasing waist line. Need more reason to be inspired? 

5.Avoid smoking. The damaging effects of smoking are not limited to just your lungs. It also effects your body processes to the extent of increasing chances of heart disease and fat deposits blocking the arteries and veins. So, keep the habit at bay, or under control to ensure your organs are able to breathe free and have a natural environment to live in. 

6.Avoid sugar and drinks that contain sugar. Many of us are prone to that little sweet drink to greet us every morning and dusk. We should make it a habit to avoid the sugary drinks because sugar stays in your body for a whole amount of time longer than other forms of carb. And the damage it can do is irreparable. So avoid sugary drinks and find better healthy toned drinks to define your luxury. Maybe? Yes. 

It is never a bad thought to follow a health regime. Make sure you are your own diet guide and if that does not help you reduce visceral fat, nothing else will. Therefore, make it  appoint to follow these steps and avoid many long term diseases automatically.