As a child, you might have had countless arguments with your parents regarding the glass of milk that was placed next to your food, every day.

From faking nausea to spitting it all out, there is a good chance you had tried all of these methods to get out of drinking it.

Foods For Bone Strength

However, now that you have aged, you probably realise the importance of that daily glass of milk.

What’s more, you might even be forcing your own kids to consume that glass of nutrients, and you now realise what a struggle it is. The truth is, the list does not end with milk.

Foods For Bone Strength

There are a gazillion other food items that we tried to get out of consuming, despite the fact that they were loaded with nutrients and the only reason our parents tried to feed them to us was that they had our best interests at heart.

With that nostalgic memory, let’s delve into some important foods that are necessary if you want to enjoy strong bones.

As mentioned above, milk is one of the most important food items that humans have to consume if they want to maintain their bone density. If you don’t like the taste of milk, then you might consider other dairy options such as cheese, yoghurt and paneer, which are rich in calcium, a nutrient that is crucial for your bone health.

For our lactose-intolerant readers, there might be other options such as green, leafy vegetables.

You see, vegetables such as broccoli, okra and cabbage, also have an abundance of calcium, along with other food items such as soya beans, tofu, plant-based drinks, bread and even nuts. Moreover, fishes such as pilchards and sardines, which require you to consume the bones as well, are also quite good for your bones.

Vitamin D is one of the most impertinent nutrients for your bone health. While it is incredibly difficult to supplement our vitamin D requirement solely through our diet, there are a few foods that could help in adding some benefit to your bone structure.

Items such as oily fish, like mackerel, breakfast cereals, fat spreads and egg yolks can contribute to the betterment of your bone strength. However, it is also recommended to go out in the sun and soak in as many nutrients as possible, as some amount of exposure to the sun helps us in making up for the lack of enough vitamin D in our diets.

Want to up your intake of foods that help with increasing your bone strength, even during summer? Well, worry not, because citrus fruits have got your back. Add an orange or grapefruit to your diet, and you are doing yourself the favour of consuming enough vitamin C to help prevent bone loss.

So, citrus fruits are not only delicious but also packed in the nutrients that are necessary to make you feel strong and empowered. Adding some bananas and figs could also help you increase your bone strength, thereby enabling you to do all those physical tasks you haven’t been able to perform because of your brittle bones.

A few additional food items that you could consider including your diet are mustard greens, turnip greens, tomato products, artichokes, raisins, potatoes (both sweet and normal), plantains, papayas, prunes, red peppers, green peppers, Brussel sprouts, pineapples, strawberries, rice milk and soy milk, among various others.

For the meat lovers out there, eating skinless chicken and the various types of lean meat is a very healthy option.

These are huge contributing factors towards ensuring a good growth of your tissues and maintaining your bone density at a healthy level. Salmon and tuna are also some of the favourite supplements for bone strength among non-vegetarians. 

For all the vegans out there, finding the right foods that safely contribute towards improving your bone strength may be hard to find.

Don’t worry, you have got a lot of options too. Some of them include items such as dried fruits, pulses, tahini, sesame seeds, rice, oat drinks, fortified soya, vegan tofu and even white/brown bread. 


You see, no matter what type of diet you follow, there will always be some food options for you that could improve your bone strength. You just have to be aware, and actively try to look for ways to improve your bone health.

Eat foods that have been mentioned above in moderation, make sure you get ample exercise, and in case of any medical issues, see a doctor. Follow these protocols, and you should be well on your way to having extremely strong bones.