The yellowish lining on the eardrums can be quite irritating. Many foods encourage its buildup along with the insertion of foreign objects inside.

These Daily Foods That Cause Ear Wax

This waxy oil called cerumen is often caused by an unhealthy diet. Foods with gluten cause impacted earwax in most people.

Foods That Cause Ear Wax Build Up
  • Bingeing might be causing increased cerumen build-up

Binge eating or excessive snacking affects ear wax build-up in most people. Those who are gluten intolerant are most affected than others. The composite of a protein called gluten is naturally present in grains in a healthy balance. While Gluten is present in a number of foods naturally, it is artificially added to others for enhancing the shelf life of packaged food.

  • Gluten in grains too may impact wax build-up in some

Gluten is derived from “glue” in Latin. Wheat, which is a staple food in many countries, has naturally existing gluten in it. Barley, oats, corn, rye, etc. are other healthy grains with gluten in them. However, the gluten present in them can trigger wax build-up if you are susceptible to it.

Gluten in grains too may impact wax build-up in some
  • Gluten, a favorite ingredient used by packaged food manufacturers

The doughy smooth texture in pasta comes mostly from gluten. Graham crackers and beer too come with gluten in them. You might have a liking for acidity in your dishes. Most syrups, flavoring, or vinegar have gluten in them.

  • Extra gluten is added to processed foods for consistency

Processed food like bread is a culprit. Bread and buns are a staple in most households. Be it for a sandwich, burger, sub, or a base for a spread, bread, and other flour-based foods contain gluten. The pizza base also comes packed with gluey gluten so as to hold the base together, allowing the toppings to stick to it.

  • Tasty snacks linked to increased gluten production

Gluten is added by manufacturers in snacks and packaged foods. From cookies to bagels, all have gluten in their ingredients list. Read the ingredients in a pack of flour tortillas. You will most likely find it mentioned. 

  • Gluten is used in many food items

Most favorite tastemakers have gluten in them. Some of them are ketchup, sauce, stuffing, dressing, and gravy. The more you consume cake, pancake, pretzel, soy, etc. the more they increase gluten in the body. As some fail to process this gluten well, it creates gluten intolerance. Which then encourages ear wax build-up in many. 

Gluten is used in many food items
  • Packaged breakfast meals and snacks come with gluten in it

Cereals might secretly be doing some harm to your body. Inflammation is how your body reacts to excessive gluten. Many restaurants, therefore, offer a gluten-free menu. You can choose between regular ice cream or a gluten-free one.

  • Meat substitutes and patties are also made with gluten in them

Seitan, which is a substitute for meat has gluten. Vegetarian options like veggie burgers and vegetarian chicken patties are also not free from gluten unless it explicitly states that it is ‘gluten-free.

Gluten is also added to consumer products like hair products and cosmetics. However, the consumption of gluten has a higher impact on the body than externally used ones.

  • Milk and dairy foods might also cause ear wax build-up

Consumption of milk or milk products in higher quantities might also lead to the production of excess cerumen in the ears. All because these foods contain lactose. While it does no harm to others, those with lactose intolerance are at the receiving end. Some notice advanced ear wax build-up after routinely having dairy-rich foods, while others don’t respond to lactose the same way.

  • Those with a sweet tooth might have to control their intake

Chocolate is one of the most favorite comfort food, snack, party food, celebratory food, and much more with chocolate lovers. To some, a high intake of chocolate, or cocoa increases build-up.

Caffeine and caffeine-rich products like coffee, coffee cakes, and cookies, coffee-flavored chocolates all trigger impacted ear wax. Limit your intake of these beverages and treats to see if it gives you relief from further build-up.

High amounts of trigger foods lead to impacted ear wax

Not all of these foods cause ear wax build-up in all. However, having all or some of these foods, in high quantities on a regular basis encourages build-up. With a balanced intake of all your favorite foods including ice creams, cakes, pizzas, fries, and pasta you might not notice an increase in ear wax. So, balance is the key to having cleaner ears.

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