Every one of us wants to escape old age. Sadly, there is no escape, however, one must strive to be more healthy at old age so as to avoid complexity and other issues.

Important Things Can Change Your Health When Become Old

This will greatly help those around you to be more cheerful and you`ll have a fun-filled life.

8 Factors That Influence Health When Your Are Old
  • Our Relationships – It is observed that older people who maintain a healthy social life be it with their family, friends or colleagues tends to have lesser health issues going forward. The people who do not socialize or live alone tends to develop health issues at a much faster rate. The main reason for socialising is because it keeps you busy and occupied and if you are developing some symptoms the other person notices it faster than yourself making it easy to diagnose it earlier. Its also helpful as older people quite often forget to take their medicine while the other person could help in remembering it.
  • Injuries – Injuries play a vital role in breaking a person`s health. In old age injuries takes time to heal which might cause a person many other complications as compared to a young person. Many of the complications developed for old people are through falling. WHO says roughly 35-55% of old people fall and are then experienced with some lifelong complications.
  • Education – Education plays a key role in health of an individual. It is been observed that the more educated a person is its easy to detect a disease early on.
  • Finance – Finance plays an important tole in health of an individual especially in older people. With this ever evolving world, medicines have become a lot expensive and its hard to catch up with these prices. Most of the old people are dependent on their lifelong savings or their pensions which at times would be hard to meet ends. Thus one should be financially independent even at old age as this plays a vital role in influencing your health.
  • Keeping up with changes – Older people have a hard time coping up with this changing world, be in technology or mindsets of people. Many a times old people not being able to understand certain things would lose their self esteem and make them fall to depression. Thus while teaching an older person something you need to take extra care as you teach to a young child.
  • Maltreatment – Mostly elders are maltreated physically, mentally or at times neglected. This puts a huge strain on their health and are prone to depressions. WHO estimates over 4 million older people are maltreated every yea all around the world by their close ones. This leads to many health defying challenges.
  • Improving age – friendly situation – People should be more patient and understanding while working with older people as they might be slow at picking up things. One should not compare an older person with oneself while doing something as both will have different pace for different things.
  • Seeking Healthy Lifestyle – Food plays the most important role in aging a person well. One should not over eat or under eat as both the cases might lead to complications. A person should have a balanced diet containing all nutrients and vitamins required for the human body to function efficiently. Also having a healthy diet keeps the mind happy and fresh. One should abstain from having junk foods at old age as they are difficult to digest.
  • Routine Check-up – A check-up will help in identifying if there are some underlying diseases that needs to be treated. It is difficult to observe certain symptoms on an older persona s compared to young people. So it is highly advisable for older people to have routine check-ups so as to avoid any higher complications.
  • Exercise – One must do some light weight exercise so as to move their muscles. Stiff muscles would also causes various issues like joint pains and arthritis in older people. However, one must not over exert themselves with exercise. It is highly recommended to try yoga as there is no heavy lifting involved in it. Walking is also said to be the most effective against old age.

All the above cases influence health options for Older people.

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