Welcome to my Diabetes Freedom Review. Diabetes Freedom is a comprehensive set of strategies that aims to cure type-2 diabetes. Diabetes freedom reviews have indicated that the program is a revolutionary one and provides hope for millions of suffering patients. It is a program that has emerged from the experiences of a former type-2 diabetes patient James Freeman, who is now completely cured of diabetes.

After being diagnosed with diabetes, James was hospitalized and was in a danger of his leg being amputated. When at the hospital, he was told that he had just undergone a hyperosmolar nonketotic coma and that his blood sugar was abnormally high. The doctor apparently cited that James was lucky that he didn’t get a brain damage.

His close call with a devastating experience increased his resolve to expand his knowledge on the subject of diabetes.

What followed then was a series of discoveries that gave rise to the Diabetes Freedom PDF and shooked the conventional truths that people believed in for centuries. The notion that diabetes was genetically predisposed, it depends on age and weight and that over-consuming sugar or carbs was dispelled. As indicated in a study by the American University of Utah, a minuscule lipid molecule was the culprit. This molecule causes irregularities in the fat cells that eventually cause type-2 diabetes.

Overview of Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom review
Program Name The Diabetes Freedom
Content Strategies to completely cure type-2 diabetes
Creators George Reilly, James Freeman
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The rogue lipid molecule causes toxic fat to deposit in vital organs such as the pancreas, heart, and liver. Over a period of time, these organs work below-par, and hardenes the arteries which supplies blood. James’ persistence in uncovering the root of the problem led him to debunk myths that the pharmaceutical industry hide from the outside world. For long, pharmaceutical companies hide information and marketed expensive medications that gullible diabetes patients took, incurring unwanted expenses, and losing vital time.

James discovered a method that helped him to lose his dangerous pounds of toxic fat. The solution was a result of combining ingredients that tend to the root cause of the problem and eradicate it completely. 

What really is the Diabetes Freedom system?

Diabetes Freedom is a set of effective strategies to completely cure type-2 diabetes. Diabetes freedom reviews indicate the ease in which the program can be followed. Being 3 stepped, the program starts off with a pancreas restart nutrition plan. This nutrition plan is a temporary one and is to eliminate the white fat cells that clog inside of the arteries restricting blood flow. By following this nutrition plan, the pancreas starts to function normally after a couple of weeks. Blood sugar regulation will also come back to normal and type 2 diabetes starts receding. Aimed at incinerating fat deposits, this diet plan is based on a nutritious balanced diet plan.

In the second step of the Diabetes Freedom program, the strategy is to boost metabolism. A high metabolic rate ensures that the toxic white fat cells are kept in check. Two-minute exercise routine that is a part of the program help maintain the fat-burning capacity of the body. Blood sugar lowering drinks are taken during this time. So during this period, blood pressure levels lower, excess fat is burnt, arteries are cleared and energy levels of the person increases.

The final step is focused on eating meals at specific times during the day time to eliminate diabetes type 2. The diet chart and schedule are given in the Diabetes Freedom PDF. The diet includes all aspects of a balanced nutritional diet. No compromise is made on the quality, quantity, variety or taste of the food. Breakfast recipes are targeted at keeping the person full throughout the day and reduce their cravings. Tasty snacks are interspersed between the meals.

There are specific times to eat carbohydrates and desserts. When followed with care and precision, this timed meal schedule delivers exceptional results. It includes and is not restricted to the following benefits – high energy levels, fat reduction, and higher metabolic rate. The three-step Diabetes Freedom review program has already benefited thousands of type 2 diabetes patients.

Types of Diabetes


Type 1 Diabetes

In type 1 diabetes, the immune system harms critical insulin-manufacturing pancreatic cells called beta cells. Also called as juvenile diabetes, this condition is usually diagnosed in young persons, adolescents, or children. Another condition called secondary diabetes is a form of type 1 diabetes – but in this condition pancreatic cells are destroyed due to underlying medical conditions.

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes are extreme – such as extreme thirst, extremely frequent urination, excessive fatigue etc. Type 1 diabetes usually affects persons within age 20. Diabetes freedom reviews are available from patients of all ages.


Type 2 Diabetes

Considered as a condition of prolonged duration, the onset of type 2 diabetes is when the body fails to use insulin the way it should. Type 2 diabetes is generally caused by insulin resistance. Middle-aged or older persons are susceptible to contract this disease. Type 2 diabetes can also affect teenage children due to obesity. Being a common type of diabetes, more number of people are affected by this condition than the other types of diabetes. Caused by the inability of the body to breakdown glucose, the diabetic patient experiences symptoms related to high blood sugar levels.

I will explain the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes later.


Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy there is a risk of an increase in blood sugar levels. Diabetes freedom review from pregnant women indicate how much this program is beneficial for them. When insulin production fails to regulate blood sugar, this causes the onset of gestational diabetes. While some pregnant women control the condition with diet and exercise, some may need to take insulin and oral medications. Although under normal circumstances gestational diabetes is eliminated after childbirth, it can adversely affect the baby’s health. Those affected by the condition may also develop diabetes type 2 in later life.

What is the real cause of diabetes

Unlike commonly misunderstood hearsay, diabetes is caused by high blood sugar, it is actually not the case – diabetes is caused by insulin resistance or the inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. Excess blood sugar is not the root cause, rather a symptom. Insulin is produced by the pancreas and is the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar in the body. Insulin won’t work if the tissues are insensitive to its action, thus reducing the action of insulin. Ongoing insulin resistance causes vital organs such as the liver to cease regulating blood sugar. Therefore, the root of the problem is identified in the diet.

When carbohydrates are consumed, they are converted into sugar. Following this, the pancreas is triggered to manufacture insulin which stores the sugar in the muscles and liver. However, after a point of time, the liver and muscles reach their storage limit. Excess sugar is taken to fat cells, broken down into fat, and subsequently stored. Diabetes freedom reviews have shown how this program enhances fat breakdown mechanisms in the body.

But the problem arises when insulin can’t convert sugar into fat because fat develops resistance to insulin. In this event, excess sugar remains unconverted to fat and stays in the blood – elevating the sugar levels in the blood – causing prediabetes or diabetes conditions.

The fastest way to control the condition is to reduce the carbs in the diet, exercise regularly, and stay low on body fat. Care has to be taken to reduce the intake of cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice, and bread, as all these foods are known to trigger insulin resistance.

Pre-diabetic patients need not look bulky or obese. They may be thin. Yet they are referred to as being metabolically obese. Thin people account for 20 percent of pre-diabetic patients.

So it is clear that the root causes stem from diet and lifestyle. The root causes of diabetes type-2 can be reversed by using the 3 step Diabetes Freedom Review program that consists of reducing fat deposits in vital organs, increasing metabolic rate, and following a controlled timed diet plan.

Signs and common symptoms of Diabetes

Early symptoms include more than normal blood glucose levels. They are generally mild and hard to notice in the case of type 2 diabetes. Symptoms go unnoticed until the later stages – at this time substantial damage could have already been done.

Diabetes Symptoms

General Symptoms


Hunger – The body breaks down food into glucose so that cells can use glucose for energy. If cells have developed insulin resistance, or the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, the glucose is not converted into energy. If the glucose is not ingested, the cells fail to be replenished with energy. This increases hunger pangs in the person. Details can be found in the Diabetes Freedom PDF.


Fatigue – As a side effect of hunger, a person with diabetes is constantly tired. The cells are unable to ingest energy from glucose, resulting in an energy drop, causing fatigue and lethargy in the person.


Frequent urination –Kidneys also absorb glucose passing through them. When blood sugar levels rise, kidneys are constrained to make more urine from body fluids. More urine production increases the need to frequently urinate and also increases thirst. Diabetes freedom reviews anecdotes indicate how this problem is  resolved completely in diabetic patients.


Dry mouthBodily fluids are taken excessively to produce urine which depletes moisture in other parts of the body. This causes dehydration, dry mouth, and itchy skin.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 diabetes symptoms manifest after a prolonged period of increase in glucose levels.


Yeast infections – Yeast requires glucose to proliferate and sustain. Plenty of glucose in the body causes yeast to thrive. Yeast infections manifest in the folds of skin such as in the areas of toes, fingers, and reproductive organs.


Cuts and sores that don’t heal fast – Excessive blood sugar can cause damage to nerves. When it happens, the body’s ability to heal wounds or sores slow down. Nerve damage can also cause numbness in legs or feet.


There could be several other symptoms such as weight loss, nausea, vomiting, skin darkening in certain parts of the body, blurred vision, and impotence. Diabetes Freedom Review narratives indicate how all conditions were resolved completely.


Does Diabetes Freedom work for Type 2 diabetes?

Yes, the answer will be a bit long. If you are in a hurry or doing some busy work, just plug in your earphone and listen to the audio version of the answer below.

All information is provided in the Diabetes Freedom PDF. It works for type 2 diabetes in a phased approach. The pancreas function is restored in the first phase. By reducing fat deposits that cause hardening of arteries, the pancreas are able to source more blood which in turn increases intake nutrients of the pancreas. When the pancreatic function is restored to normal, insulin production is regulated. In this phase, the focus is also given on reducing the number of white fat cells – which clog arteries and reduce vital organ function.

White fat cell reduction is done by introducing specific nutrients and ingredients in the daily diet. Get the Diabetes Freedom free download to know more. With a reinvigorated pancreas and vital nutrients in the body, blood sugar level decreases. Patients feel a marked increase in their energy levels. The five-part video series of the Diabetes Freedom Review instructs on how to control cravings for food, pancreas refreshing technique via a systematic diet plan, detoxification plan, and many more such strategies.

In the second phase of the Diabetes Freedom Review, type 2 diabetes patients benefit from an increased metabolic rate. Higher metabolic rate triggers the production of brown fat cells – the energy-packed fat cells. Also called as Brown Adipose Tissue, brown fat cells also store fat – but their compartments to store fat is smaller than that of white fat. Brown fat cells also have higher concentrations of mitochondria – which is rich in iron – and lends the brownish hue to the brown fat cells. When brown fat is consumed by the body for energy needs, it produces heat in a process called thermogenesis. The heat production process also burns calories in the process.

So brown fat is not only used as an energy source but when it is utilized it also burns existing fat from white fat cells. This is a stark contrast from white fat cells that store fat in large droplets that tend to accumulate in different parts of the body. Although the accumulation provides the function of insulation or ability to keep warm, too much white fat cells lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes to name a few.

Type 2 diabetes patients start developing brown fat and are able improve the metabolic rates. Their blood sugar levels will be in control and their diabetic systems start to recede. By the end of the second phase of the program, patients see a remarkable improvement in their energy levels. Diabetes Freedom Reviews are replete with remarks on how patients stopped experiencing symptoms altogether.

Type 2 diabetes is completely removed in the third phase. This phase of the program focuses on removing body fat, improving metabolic rate, and further reducing blood sugar levels via a systematic diet plan. The diet plan incorporates all the necessary ingredients and nutrients required for the body. It doesn’t compromise on taste and variety of dishes so that the patient does not feel hunger pangs, cravings, and depressed. Diabetes Freedom Review of patients indicates how much they enjoyed their meals. It is structured in a way so that it keeps the body full at all times, yet burning fat at the same time. Also added to the mix are exercises – short bursts of activity that increase energy levels without depleting the energy of your body, yet helping the patient burn more fat.


Does Diabetes Freedom work for Type 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are the two main types of diabetic conditions. Both diseases can turn chronic if left untreated. Diabetes Freedom Reviews are available from both types of diabetics indicating the program’s efficacy. These conditions alter the way the body regulates blood sugar. Those with type 1 diabetes have a malfunctioning or under-performing pancreas that does not produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Those with type 2 diabetes have cells that develop resistance to insulin and cannot utilize it to convert blood glucose to energy.

Diabetes type 1 is caused by immune system disorders. The immune system of diabetes type 1 patients attacks healthy cells that are responsible for fat to energy conversion and vice-versa. Especially, the beta cells in the pancreas are the most affected, and over a period of time, the pancreas stops creating insulin. This leads to an increase in blood sugar levels. Read more with the Diabetes Freedom free download.

Diabetes type 2 is caused when the cells of the body responsible for storing glucose for energy by converting glucose into an energy source, develop resistance to insulin. The pancreas sometimes overcompensates for this by producing more insulin. However, insulin-resistant cells can do only that much. Blood glucose remains unconverted causing high blood glucose levels and thereby causing associated conditions.

As much as the Diabetes Freedom Review program works for diabetes type 2, it works for diabetes type 1. The foundation of the program is to eliminate all causes of diabetes. Immune system disorders in diabetes type 1 could be a result of poor dietary and lifestyle habits. The program’s phases have schedules that normalize a person’s eating and living habits to bring about slow and gradual transformations. These holistic physiological transformations have a wide range of benefits – setting the immune system right being one among them. As in physiology, all conditions are interconnected, the virtue of the body healing from within as opposed to healing from outside, creates long-term benefits.


Does it work for MODY3?

Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY 3) is a form of diabetes caused when the HNF1-alpha gene mutates. MODY3 is a type of MODY – and commonly occur in people of European descent. MODY3 cause an impaired or reduced production of beta cells in the pancreas. Characterized by a slow decline of insulin production capacity, MODY3 patients may mostly need externally administered insulin.

It is estimated that about 5 percent of the total number of diabetic patients get this form of diabetes. Just like other diabetics, patients with MODY3 have difficulty in controlling their blood sugar levels. The disorder has common symptoms that are similar to type 1 and type 2 diabetes. MODY3 mostly occurs in young adults or even younger adolescents. But MODY3 has also been detected in many older patients as well.

Given that MODY3 is caused by a genetic mutation that causes the condition, but does not give it a permanent stature, even MODY3 can be rooted out from the body with the Diabetes Freedom Review program. Patients with MODY3 experience the same level of symptoms as type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Hence the principle of regulating blood sugar remains the same even in MODY3 patients.

One of the most important aspects of the program is the pancreas restart nutrition plan. In this phase, toxins are flushed out from the pancreas. The white fat cells that deposit in the pancreatic arteries and that impede the function of the pancreas are flushed out. When removed from the pancreas, the organ is able to produce insulin normally. The production of normal insulin is critical for diabetes management – regardless of the type of diabetes. The simple act of clean pancreas changes the physiology of the person and transforms them into an energetic individual in a matter of weeks.

As part of the pancreas nutrition plan, there are various foods recommended - Diabetes Freedom free download contains this info. There are special detox teas that if taken improve digestion and increase metabolic rate. Not just bodily benefits, patients experience cognitive benefits too. Their ability to reason, remember, and focus improves. Symptoms such as blurred vision recedes. They are able to see, read, speak, and converse freely.

Main Advantages of Diabetes Freedom Book

Being free from medications, patients will be able to organically heal themselves from within as indicated by their Diabetes Freedom Review of the program. They are spared from the side-effects of medications. Also, they don’t incur costs associated with procuring and storing medications. Purchasing insulin to support the body’s blood glucose regulatory function is expensive. Administering insulin into the body is cumbersome, could lead to infections, and is also mildly painful in some cases.

With the Diabetes Freedom program, the very fact that the pancreas is flushed out of all rogue white fat cells is enough to celebrate victory over diabetes as Diabetes Freedom Reviews. Pancreatic detoxification is achieved only through a phased approach and not through quick-fix over-the-counter medications or administering synthetically created insulin. Although the former can produce temporary results, in the long run the patients become weaker, subject to side-effects and gradually their pancreatic health worsens even more.

1. Pancreas restart nutrition phase advantages

  • Removes white fat cells, clogged arteries are relieved, blood flow resumes.
  • The pancreas is supplied with vital nutrients. The function of the pancreas is restored gradually and it becomes healthy.
  • Pancreas starts producing insulin.
  • 2. Metabolic activity increases and brown fat increases phase advantages. 

    The diabetes freedom free eBook contains more information on this.

    • White fat cells convert glucose to fat. Carbs are broken down efficiently.
    • Brown fat cells increase. Their utilization also burns calories.

    3. Nutrition re-configuration phase benefits

    • Timed meals, packed with essential nutrients and minerals provides energy, and increases metabolism.
    • Simple exercise methods increases the fat burning capacity of the body.

    Pros & Cons of Diabetes Freedom Book

    Check the pros and cons of Diabetes Freedom program by James Freeman.


    • Easy to follow and implement – There is no need for maintaining medication charts or complicated medical prescriptions. Instead, all that is required is to watch the video series of the program and read the associated literature diligently. The program is easy to follow – just purchase the required essentials – and follow the program. Wait for results and don’t be anxious.
    • Scientifically proven – Pancreas detox is a natural process as per Diabetes Freedom Review. It has to be done organically. Eliminating toxins in the pancreas takes time. Re-triggering the production of beta cells in the pancreas is a gradual process. It cannot happen overnight as proposed by medication-based approaches. A distressed pancreas creates hormonal imbalances and stops producing insulin. To get this vital organ back, several lifestyle changes are made. Patients are required to go off alcohol, smoking, and junk food as a start.
    • Increased circulation, heart health, and digestive system function – Blood flow increases to vital organs. Heart health improves and thereby, the circulation also increases providing vital nutrients to all parts of the body. Improved circulation improves digestive tract function which also improves metabolic rates. Diabetes Freedom Reviews indicate this as well.
    • Money back Guarantee - if you're not satisfied with the results, you have 60 Days to get your money back. 


    • Requires little effort from the patient – The program expects that patients will follow it without compromising on the schedule, diet, and exercise.
    • Requires patients to follow good dietary habits – The program requires patients to completely stop eating junk food, stop smoking, and stop consumption of alcohol.

    Price & Bonuses

    Unlike expensive medications and treatments, this one is a surprise. The program costs a mere $37. The program’s price was originally much higher at $197. Given the immense demand for the program based on the Diabetes Freedom Review of the product, it is possible for the promoters and creators of the program to price the program nominally in order to make it accessible for all.

    The bonuses associated with the program are:

    Diabetes Freedom bonuses

    • The fat-burning blueprint – Strategies from personal trainers to reduce body fat in the most fastest manner.
    • Stay young forever program – Information on dietary habits and daily routines to prevent premature aging.
    • Diabetes control foods – Foods that reverse diabetes; includes various recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

    You can instantly download the PDF + Videos + Free Bonuses Here. It's a safe download link. There won't be any annoying popups or harmful files. 


    Diabetes Freedom reviews are full of positive experiences. Diabetes patients vouch for the efficacy of this program/product. The sheer simplicity of this program stands out. Medications are a thing of the past. Hospital visits needn’t be taken anymore. Those on insulin are not on it anymore. Administering insulin became a long-forgotten eventuality. All that required is a little discipline, a bit of routine, a change in the lifestyle, and a change of diet.

    If it can work for thousands of diabetes patients who are now living a healthy life, completely cured of their ailments, then it can work for anyone. For a very nominal price, that is affordable for any person in the world, a gift of good health and long life is available. Diabetes Freedom is the gift of a holistic cure that can change one’s life for the better, permanently.

    Steering clear of dangerous medications by mindless pharmaceutical companies, this is the most reliable, trusted, organic, natural, and holistic treatment available with guaranteed results. The basic principle of pancreas detoxification is applied – which is, unfortunately, missing in modern medicine – that only treats the symptoms. So getting started with the Diabetes Freedom program is the best and the correct path to take without a moment’s hesitation.