Discover the genetic potential through nutritious traditional diet in shaping our health and body through an empowering insight into human health through traditional wisdom combined with modern science. This groundbreaking book, Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food by Dr. Shanahan unlocks the portal of ancestral culinary wisdom from the traditional food culture of the Ancient Egyptians and the Maasai to the Japanese and the French in nourishing and sculpting the human body, in engineering bodies of extraordinary health and beauty. Whether it is the length of our limbs, the shape of our eyes, and the proper function of our organs. 

What Is Deep Nutrition?

The Shanahans identify four food categories that are common in all the world’s healthiest diets, the Four Pillars of World Cuisine. Using the latest research in physiology and genetics, Dr. Shanahan explains in this publication, why your family’s health depends on eating these foods. In a world competing with nutritional ideologies, Deep Nutrition gives us a full picture and empowers us to take control of our destiny in ways we might have never imagined.

Deep Nutrition-Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food?

Physician and biochemist Cate Shanahan, M.D. has examined diets all around the world known to produce the healthiest people, such as diets of the Mediterranean, Okinawa, and “Blue Zone” are identified as the four common nutritional habits, developed over centuries, that unfailingly produces strong, healthy, intelligent children, and active, vital elders, generation after generation. The Four Pillars: fresh food, fermented and sprouted foods, meat cooked on the bone, and organ meats, forms the basis of “The Human Diet” as stated by Dr Cate. 

This book is a culmination of her rich experience as an elite athlete who has used traditional foods to cure her own debilitating injuries and combining her research with the latest discoveries in the field of epigenetics. Dr Cate shows that not all calories are created equal; food is information that directs our cellular growth. Our family history does not determine our biological destiny: what you eat and how you live can alter your DNA, your health and the health of our future children.

This new revised and updated edition comes with a prescriptive plan for how you can begin eating. The Human Diet to:

  • Losing weight, curbing cravings and the need to snacking
  • Sharpen cognition and memory
  • Improve mood
  • Eliminate allergies and disease
  • Build stronger bones and joints
  • Get younger, smoother skin
  • Boost fertility and
  • Have healthier children

Deep Nutrition breaks away from today’s culture of conflicting nutritional ideologies, it shows how the food habits of our ancestors can help us lead a longer, healthier, and more vital life.

Why should you read Deep Nutrition?

Deep Nutrition is unique as it takes us back to the traditional diet culture, we abandoned over the past 50 years convincing ourselves to do so. The book is a journey returning us to the conventional path of acquiring nutrition before the onset of the epidemics of overweight and diabetes. Anyone studying nutrition devotedly and its connection to health outcomes will realize that the modern diet is killing us, and we’d do better to get back to the diet our ancestors followed before so many of us started getting sick.

All scientific research may not be able to find the root causes of diseases that are increasing and widespread, like overweight, diabetes, or even cancer and Alzheimers but it is important to learn how the right diet culture can help us look forward to a healthier future.

The most important concept the book focuses on is the overexposed culture of selling more and more processed food which is the prime reason why we’re sick. 

This does not mean we have to eat and live like cavemen or give up all animal products for fear of saturated fat content. All you need to do is go back to the same diet everyone used to follow, the Four Pillars of The Human Diet.

What’s New in the New Edition?

In the Author’s Note, the beginning of the new edition lists the four key reasons for writing this new edition, including answers to more than fifty of the most asked questions by readers over the years. A much-requested plan and updating the evidence for returning to traditional foods with the latest research. But that’s just skimming the surface of the content.