This is an in-depth Combat Fighter review. As the days are passing by, there is a steady increase in attacks, hooliganism, and terrorism but these mishaps can be curbed and the goons can learn a lesson settled in their mind with basic training and techniques of self-defense which people avoid in their daily-life or at an early point of their life.

Combat Fighter Review: Be Self-reliant & Protect Your Loved Ones!

The common misconception floating around the people is that gaining fighting skills is tedious but in actual, it does not depend on years of consistent training to sign an MMA Contract but few basic techniques may prove handy at various points of their lives.

Combat fighter is the program that will assist you to be self-reliant and protect your loved ones. In this Combat Fighter review, you will be introduced to the in-depth analysis of the Combat Fighter system.

Combat fighter review

Product Name Combat Fighter
Category Self Defence Program
Main Benefits Help you develop the necessary skill to outshine your enemy in the difficult hours of your life
Author John Black
Price $37
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

About Combat Fighter System

Combat Fighter is a program introduced by John Black (pseudonym, refer to the About the Author part). Combat Fighter Self Defence helps you develop the necessary skill to outshine your enemy in the difficult hours of your life. If you are confronted in life by the evil beings of this society, it will help you develop the confidence and ability to face them with effective techniques that can pull you out of troubling situations.

Combat Fighter Customer Reviews have been profoundly writing about the ease in learning the techniques and tricks which did not make them practice for hours. It comes with three exciting bonuses that are broken down in the latter part of this Combat Fighter review.

How Does Combat Fighter Program Work?

Combat Fighter self-defense relies on several techniques that will assist in developing hand to hand combat skills, awareness, and confidence in the crucial times in case an emergency jump out of nowhere. The different techniques taught as per Combat Fighter Book, that is allotted on purchase on the program are listed below in Combat Fighter review:

  • Center Line Skills: It is an instinctive based knee-jerk based technique that acts helpful in critical moments.
  • Blitz Blast: It stuns your opponents in a matter of milliseconds.
  • Force Hijack: It works on the root level of enhancing your body reflexes and harnesses your attacker’s force against them.
  • Surgical Strike Methods: Techniques like Underhand Ocular Control and shocks your attacker with psychological attacks despite his discipline.
  • One and Done: It makes fight simple and makes you have the upper hand till officials arrive at the spot.
  • Single Go: It is a masterstroke that will knock down the stance of an opponent in a single chance.
  • Tipping Point Article: It gives you the ability to switch from defense to attack and vice versa.
  • Third Eye: It is a handy technique that will turn you into a Jedi with peak subconscious skills and boosts your ability. 

About Combat Fighter Creator

The creator of this program is John Black, who used the pseudonym for various reasons such as protecting himself and his loved ones but he had a will to help every person who is facing problems in the world and being dominated by any goon.

John Black

John is a US Army Soldier and has been involved in various operations in the different parts of the world. The will to create this course has an underlying trauma behind it when John was 17 and was threatened by the ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend. Things settled down without any nuance being created but he felt like a let-down after being unconfident of doing anything remarkable at the spot of dilemma.

With the success of Combat Fighter, Tons of Combat Fighter reviews emerged on the Internet hailing John as the best trainer and Guru of Hand to Hand Combat, etc.

Pros and Cons of Combat Fighting


  • Improves Hand to Hand Combat Skills
  • Boosts Confidence.
  • According to Combat Fighter review it is easy to adapt and implement.
  • The comfort of learning from home.
  • Free Bonuses
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Combat Fighter Free Download Content.


  • It demands time and dedication as it is no miraculous cup of tea.
  • It is only available by electronic means; therefore, it can upset the people who expect a physical copy of Combat Fighter. 

Is Combat Fighter Good For Street Fighting?

A combat fighter system by John Black is surely the best program available. To be precise, it offers much more than just street fighting techniques as it leans on building up confidence and having the correct tactics and strategies that must prevail to take care our your safety.

According to Combat Fighter review, it is good for street fighting but it is no Combat Fighter game that increases your chance of winning a street fight, it offers much more than that as it also helps increase the subconscious state of mind that improves rapid reaction at crucial stages and makes you more agile, durable and strengthened when involved in a fight.

What will you learn from the Combat Fighter Guide?

It is crystal clear that the techniques you will learn will all be part of golden luck in your favor. The reason being that John Black stood up to help you learn the basic skills that army personnel uses on the battlefield. All of the favor which John is moving forward towards is because of his vision of safety and happier means of living for all of the people.

There are a set of styles that are taught in this course that will be provided with Combat Fight PDF Download. As already mentioned in Combat Fighter review it also improves your subconscious brain functioning and boosts confidence and reduces stress and anxiety with various techniques.

Why you should purchase Combat Fighter Book?

Churning up all the Combat Fighter reviews, doubt would have arisen in your mind on the sky-rocketing price of Combat Fighter. Combat Fighter Cost is placed at a shockingly low price of $37; it is a limited period offer as the initial selling price of Combat Fighter is $97. Not to forget about the bonuses worth $190 that will be awarded to you at no extra charge.

Another reason that makes this deal the best to grab is a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee will be given you which you can avail if you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason. The benefit of the Money-Back Guarantee is that you will be purchasing the program as a free trial without even giving a thought about the loss of money.

Does Combat Fighter Book Strong Help In a Fight?

Combat Fighter offers different techniques that consist of stance, knockdown, punch, agility, strength, and other combat skills that will help you provide self-defense to yourself and your loved ones.

It legit works as it focuses on different skills and techniques and betters them with the easily adaptable instructions that can be followed by the user. Among the Combat Fighter review found floating on the Internet, it helped its users in some way at some point in their life and they have suggested it to their peers as well.

Who is it for?

Before you choose this program, there should be a few points that you must crosscheck to be assured that it is the course most suitable for you. Here is the list of points which must push you to put your name on the next order of Combat Fighter:

  • Lack of Confidence and Strength Ability.
  • Personal Desire to learn to fight.
  • Is learning recreational to you?
  • I have enough time to devote to this activity as it is not a single day program and requires commitment.
  • Have little to no fighting experience

Combat Fighter Bonuses

It is the most interesting part of Combat Fighter review as Combat Fighter is distributing perks worth $190 for absolutely free. Three bonuses act as a catalyst for learning new techniques and skills to ace the combat. Here are the three bonuses that provided with Combat Fighter:

  • Advanced Situational Awareness: It makes you read surroundings and avoid any mishappenings.
  • Alpha Survival Manual: It is manual assisting you to take control of emergencies and lift your chance of surviving with expert tips and tricks.
  • Alpha-Nation Online-Coaching Community: You will be gifted 30-Day access to the online coaching community where you can find numerous articles and video content including the support given to users in the community.

combat fighter bonuses


Combat Fighter is an all-in-one solution to your hesitation when another person is dominant over you and it exceeds every limitation and barrier which is beyond tolerable. Combat fighter increases your fighting skills and better up your subconscious and confidence game. John Black created this program to live in a society where people are self-dependent for their safety as security officials cannot be present at every corner around the city.

Indeed, the dream of the US Army Personnel is turning into reality with the rising sales of Combat Fighter and consistent positive Combat Fighter Reviews which are popping up from different parts of the world. It is a program that will not concern you ever about the security of yours and your loved ones. It comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee that makes this program a virtual freebie and the meager price makes it a deal worth claiming.

The bonuses are inclusive in the $37 that you will pay for Combat Fighting and the payment process is done through one of the safest payment gateway, ClickBank. I would recommend it for all those who found this Combat Fighter review pleasant and coming to the score, I will rate it 9.5/10.