It is an old tradition to welcome guests by offering any hot or cold drink. When it comes to offering a drink at home, most of us think of offering a cup of tea or coffee to the guests. The welcome drink that you get when you visit a friend’s home is either a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Many people start their day by sipping any of these delicious drinks. Many of them have a date over a cup of coffee while a few of them stay restricted to tea.

Coffee Or Tea What You Should Prefer?

Having said all of this, there has been a constant and consistent debate over which drink is healthy. If you are one among those who get confused to choose between coffee and tea, this blog clears all of your confusion. Here are some of the facts of both the drinks.

Coffee Or Tea What You Should Prefer?


Oral health

If you take a close look at the teeth of all the coffee lovers, you will find it yellow. This is because the caffeine in the coffee hits hard on the teeth and makes it look pale and dull. Having tea, on the other hand, keeps your teeth white and shiny. The composition of tea has a very good impact on your oral health. As it is sweet, it also helps one get energy in the body.


Tea is always known to have a lot of antioxidants. The antioxidants in tea aid in keeping human health in a very good condition. Right from the purification of blood to have glowing skin, all of this is possible when you consume tea. Coffee, on the other hand, has caffeine which is unhealthy. There are not many antioxidants, and this makes it only a delicious drink, but not a healthy one.


While tea is enriched with carcinogens, coffee is enriched with over thousands of components in it. Out of these, around fifteen components are proven to be carcinogens that take a toll on human health in the long run. This definitely says that tea is a better option to be preferred over coffee.


When you prepare tea, you add in a lot of water while coffee has a lot of milk going into it during the preparation. This needs no proving point that tea any day keeps you lighter than coffee. The water in it increases the fluid level that your body craves for and this aids in detoxification of the entire system.

Stress buster

Coffee and tea are considered to be stress-busters, but tea takes an upper hand in it. Coffee has caffeine that keeps you awake for a long time and improves focus. This takes a toll on the body, and in the long run, coffee becomes a reason for stress. Tea has components that regulate the stress hormones in the body to keep you healthy.

Stronger bones

Science has proven facts that tea lovers have stronger bones, and coffee lovers have weaker bones. If you consume tea, the components in it reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and the bone health is kept at check during old age.

Weight loss 

Coffee adds on to your weight and tea aids in weight loss. You would have seen many of them sipping on green tea to stay fit and fine. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants that detoxify the human body, burn excess fat and aid in weight loss. A cup of coffee has twelve times the calories when you compare it with green tea. This is because of the sugar and milk added to it.


There is a common feeling to sip on a cup of coffee and stay awake during the working hours at night. It is a very unhealthy practice that many of us need to look into and stop. Tea keeps you awake too. It also keeps you full and yet light. The next time you plan to stay awake at night, sip on a cup of tea, and see the positive difference it brings.

Science has proven that tea is anytime better than coffee. Hence one can say it is much more than just a welcome drink. It is important for us to understand the composition of any food we intake to stay healthy in the long run. It is very important to choose the right food and tea is the right drink to keep you healthy and energized for the whole day. The most notable point is it is much easy to prepare a cup of tea with various herbs and nutrients also. If you are a hardcore coffee lover, make a wise choice and start sipping some good tea. You will thank all of those who have asked you to skip coffee in the long run as tea has immense benefits on the health of humans.