Are you in search of Bikini Body Recipes review? Have you tried almost all types of diets that you have come across and are yet to see a significant change in your body weight? Weight loss tends to become difficult and sometimes impossible when you are 40 or more. Motherhood and other family responsibilities are the main cause of neglecting one’s body.

Bikini Body Recipes Review- Do These Recipes Can be Included In The Weight Loss Regime?

If you are reading this, then you have already heard about the Bikini Body Recipes reviews and are willing to try this book for your weight loss journey. We are going to unravel a true Bikini Body Recipes review for you in this article today.

Bikini Body recipes review

Product Name Bikini Body Recipes
Category Weight loss
Main Benefits Can lose weight if you follow the recipes 

Danette May

Price $67
Availability Only through the official website
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What Really is Bikini Body recipes book?

Bikini Body Recipes is a book of weight loss recipes that will help you lose weight. These recipes are easy to make and you require very few ingredients to prepare one meal. This book of recipes is available in a downloadable PDF format that you would be able to access instantly once you purchase it.

The recipes featured in the book focus on low-carb, gluten-free recipes that make use of vegetables and lean meat majorly to add calories and macronutrients in them. Danette May recipe book encourages you to eat multiple small meals every two hours rather. Bikini Body Recipes review claims it divides the calories into six small meals in a day instead of concentrating them in 3 bigger meals that we usually consume.

Benefits of Bikini Body recipes ebook

There are many benefits of using the Bikini Body Recipe book for weight loss. Some of them have been mentioned below in the Bikini Body Recipes review:

  • Women of all ages, especially that are mothers or homemakers, can lose weight if they follow the recipes from the Bikini Body Recipes eBook and include it in their weight loss regime.
  • The recipes in this guide can enable any woman to lose weight even if she is suffering from different conditions such as thyroid, menopause, stable metabolism, etc.
  • The recipe book offers alternatives for vegetarians also.
  • All the recipes are gluten-free, so women that have gluten allergy can also use the recipes from this book to lose weight.

How Does Bikini Body recipes Work?

Danette May has put in a lot of effort in creating the Bikini Body Recipes book. The book has been written by her after she completed her weight loss journey. She has put years of experience in this book, which makes these recipes perfect for losing weight quickly and safely. She knew that one cannot stick to a single diet and the body wouldn’t respond after some days.

Moreover, all foods labeled as healthy may not actually be healthy. This is why she created Bikini Body Recipes so every woman could accomplish their weight loss journey. She combined the right foods to create a variety of recipes so you wouldn’t be bored by consuming a single type of meal. b

It is suggested in the Bikini Body Recipes review, Eating healthy foods in a wrong way doesn’t trigger weight loss and women are usually left bewildered to where they are going wrong. Not to forget that they are discouraged and soon switch to their old eating habits. Most diets that are available are calorie restrictive and this causes them to crave food always – which again leads to them going back to their old eating habits.

Bikini Body Recipes eBook provides people with healthy and nutritional recipes that contain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the right ratio and thus not just help in losing weight but also helps in burning lean muscles in the body. Every recipe in the book comprises of just five ingredients and they are ready to eat/drink in just 10 minutes.

Danette believes in providing the women with diets that are filling, and they don’t get any hunger pangs. Therefore these recipes are meant to be consumed six times in a day instead of the three meals that we usually eat. So far mentioned in the Bikini Body Recipes review, all the recipes are gluten-free, and all of them offer a protein exchange guide for vegetarians.

Bikini Body Recipes creator

The author of Bikini Body Recipes is Danette May. She is a certified fitness professional, nutritionist and Pilates instructor too. Danette also founded the Mindful Health, LLC, which is a platform that inspires women to lead a healthy life by offering them the knowledge, tools and support to live an energetic life. Besides Bikini Body Recipes, she has also written several other books that are related to health and physical wellness.

Some books that she has authored are Flat Abs Fast, Get Me in My Skinny Jeans, Bootcamp Bikini Body, Bikini Body Detox and 7 Day JumpStart. Danette knows the pain of women who are struggling to lose weight because she, too, has been through this phase. She has worked her way to becoming a physical trainer, nutritionist, and authoress and wants to help other women overcome their weight loss hardships.


Pros and Cons of Bikini Body recipes book

Pros of Bikini Body Recipes eBook

  • It is a simple eBook available in a downloadable PDF format. The main advantage of an eBook is that you can download and save it on your system or smartphone and go through it whenever you want.
  • All the recipes mentioned in the Danette May recipe book are easy to make. The ingredients are easily available and most of them are always in your kitchen. Her recipes are easy to prepare and take very less time. You don’t have to spend hours to prepare a healthy dish.
  • This book of recipes is simple and very easy to follow.

Cons of Bikini Body Recipes

Before we could write a Bikini Body Recipes review for you, we tried some of the recipes mentioned in the book. These recipes are wonderful, healthy, and boost weight loss.

All the recipes have been carefully created to ensure that women with certain conditions may also benefit from them. This is a great book of weight loss recipes, and it doesn’t have any disadvantages.

Who is Bikini Body recipes designed for?

Bikini Body Recipes book is for all women who are trying to lose weight, especially if they are over the age of 40. As age catches up, it becomes difficult for women to lose weight. However, according to Bikini Body Recipes review, this book offers some unique recipes that will help women lose weight despite the issues they are facing, such as menopause, thyroid, broken metabolism, or whether you are a busy mum with kids to take care of.

The recipes will keep you fill and work to lose the stored fat from your body.

What is included in Bikini Body recipe book?

There are more than 150 recipes listed in Bikini Body Recipes eBook. All the recipes can be made with just five ingredients and none of them take more than 10 minutes to prepare. Bikini Body Recipes review recommends the blend of perfect food ingredients trigger your metabolism and help you in your weight loss journey.

The creator of Bikini Body Recipes Danette May believes that the key to losing weight and maintaining the ideal weight of our body is to consume a good and well-balanced diet at regular intervals.

These perfect foods are fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. When they are mixed in the right proportions to create recipes and then consumed, it definitely helps in burning fat from the body. Users are also asked to drink a lot of water instead of energy drinks that are nothing but sweetened water that will cause weight gain. Water helps to flush out all the toxins from your body and the recipes will help never let you go hungry.

Where to Buy Bikini Body Recipes book and How Much Does It Cost?

You can buy the Bikini Body Recipes from Danette May from their website. Bikini Body recipes PDF has originally been priced at $67, but the creator often offers it at discounts. You can check the details of the current price at which it is available on Danette May’s website to learn more about the product.


Bikini Body Recipes eBook is a well-written book that sketches how one could achieve the procedure of getting your body to burn fat without having to starve oneself. The recipes are healthy, tasty, and nutritional. You are bound to see results in just a few days if you follow all the recipes as listed by the creator.

There are hundreds of Bikini Body Recipes reviews and success stories that will inspire you to use these recipes. Moreover, Danette May is very active on social media websites, especially Instagram, where you can see her posting pictures of clients that have lost weight. She also shows you glimpses from her daily life.

Since there was so much hype about the Bikini Body Recipes book, we did a lot of research about it and also tried the recipes from it to learn how effective it is for weight loss.

We love the fact that the recipes are easy to prepare, healthy and the most important thing is that it helps in burning fat. We liked the book and would definitely recommend it to our readers.