This Big Full Lashes review covers the benefits and description of Big Full Lashes. The motive of Big Full Lashes is to bring beautiful eyelashes naturally. Beautiful eyelashes can enhance not only the appearance of the eyes but also the overall look.

Additionally, the eyelashes boost confidence and glamour. People try various ways to get beautiful eyelashes. There are many products that can help with this, but not all of them are genuine. 

Some products are not made with safe and organic ingredients that can damage the eyes.

Big Full Lashes Reviews – Is It Safe To Use?

But fortunately, there are some products available in the market that are not only safe but effective as well. And this review will explain one of those products called Big Full Lashes.

The next sections of the Big Full Lashes review will cover everything about Big Full Lashes. 

Big Full Lashes Reviews
Product NameBig Full Lashes
AdvantagesAffordable Serum That Boosts The Lashes Growth And No Breakage
CategoryEye Care
IngredientsTrifolium Pratense Flower, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, Bhringraj oil And Many More
Product FormSerum
Dosage Instruction Apply To The Eyelids At Night Or In The Morning On A Dry And Clean Eye
Best Results 2-3 Months
Side EffectsNone
Price $49.00 (1 Month Supply)
$90.00 (2 Month Supply) $45.00 Each – $4.00 Saves
$117 (3 Month Supply) $39.00 Each- $10 Discount Each
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityOfficial Website (Only)
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Big Full Lashes?

Big Full Lashes drops is an eyelash activator and conditioner serum that is 100% natural. It has all the powerful ingredients that can transform thin-looking eyelashes into thick and beautiful.

It also helps with root rejuvenation which is essential for better eyelashes. The natural ingredients found in this product can improve the growth cycle of the lashes and help the roots to prevent falling out.

Furthermore, it helps the eyelashes to grow longer. The ingredients of the Big Full Lashes solution are completely safe.

An individual has to apply this directly to the eyes, and that’s why the manufacturer has created this product with extreme care. 

Big Full Lashes Ingredients

The ingredients of this product are the reason behind the effectiveness of this product.

This section of the Big Full Lashes reviews covers all the ingredients mentioned in the product. 

Trifolium Pratense Flower

This is one of the main ingredients of Big Full Lashes serum that is also known as red clover extract. This substance plays a big role in promoting healthy hair and also increases natural hair growth. Red clover Is known to soften, smooth, and enhance volume to the hair.

Camellia sinensis leaf

This ingredient has green tea extract that has a high concentration of the chemical found in plants. It works by waking up the eyelash follicles that promote longer, fuller, and thicker lashes. Additionally, it promotes and restores moisture.

Bhringraj oil

This is one of the most popular ayurvedic plants that gives so many benefits. One of the major benefits of this substance is that it promotes hair growth. It also balances and heals the body by giving it proper nutrition. Many natural hair care products use Bhringraj as their main ingredients.

Biotynoyl Tripeptide-1

This is a powerful substance that reduces the damage of eyelashes and makes them fuller, longer, and darker. There is much scientific research that proves the benefits of this ingredient.


This ingredient reduces the fallout of eyelashes, stops breakage, and boosts growth. 


This is an amino acid that has proven and powerful effects of promoting thicker and longer lashes. Additionally, it increases blood flow to the follicle root. 


This natural ingredient is believed to promote longer, thicker, and beautiful eyelashes.

Stinging nettle

The properties of these ingredients calm and soothe the follicles and promote fuller-looking lashes.


This plant is highly beneficial and reduces breakage, and enhances the appearance by promoting longer eyelashes.

Gingko Biloba

This tree is rare, and the origin of this tree is in china. It helps create longer-looking and stronger eyelashes.


There are some studies that show seaweed can help against breakage and promote stronger and longer-looking lashes. 

Saw palmetto extract

These are berries of the palm tree extract that reduce breakage and make the lashes stronger and thicker. According to a recent study, this extract encourages follicle growth and also reduces inflammation. 

Big Full Lashes Ingredients

What Does Big Full Lashes Do For Eyelashes?

There are many products in the market that don’t have safe ingredients, and they have many side effects. But the Big Full Lashes ingredients contain natural ingredients in the right proportion and strength. 

The follicles are in two states, waking state or sleeping state. When the eyelashes are in a sleeping state, then it gets difficult for them to grow thick, strong, and full lashes.

There are mainly 3 phases to the growth of lashes such as anagen phase, the catagen phase, and the telogen phase. In the anagen phase, the hair grows, and in the catagen phase is the degradation phase, and the telogen is the resting phase.

The serum wakes up the Big Full Lashes and feeds the nutrition. The Big Full Lashes serum feeds the hair follicle that enhances growth. Due to this, the lashes grow in a better way, and they look thicker, longer, and attractive.

Benefits Of Big Full Lashes

There are many positive Big Full Lashes reviews that highlight the major benefits of using Big Full Lashes regularly. This powerful solution can 

Boost lashes growth

All the ingredients mentioned in this formula are very effective and promote hair growth in the eyelashes.

They make the eyelashes stronger and also promote hair growth. The powerful combination of these very effective ingredients is the main reason behind this serum’s effectiveness.

When someone uses this serum regularly, then all the substances work together to promote hair growth.    

No harsh chemical

Most hair booting products come with harmful chemicals that can cause damage. But the Big Full Lashes have all the safe and natural ingredients that don’t have any side effects.

It can promote the hair in the eyelashes by waking up the follicles. Additionally, it has the right amount of ingredients that make it very effective. 

Easier option

People who use extensions may feel irritation and other issues. And people who choose to transplant have to pay a lot of money, and there are no guaranteed results. But the Big Full Lashes serum is very easy to use. The individual has to apply on his/her eyes to get the benefits.

This serum doesn’t feel uncomfortable or sticky to the eyes, or it doesn’t have any side effects.


Unlike many products available in the market, Big Full Lashes is an affordable option for people who want to get attractive and beautiful eyelashes.

Benefits Of Big Full Lashes

There are different packages of this serum available as well, which will be discussed later in this Big Full Lashes review.                                      

Big Full Lashes Side Effects

As this review has mentioned before, the Big Full Lashes don’t have any side effects.

The ingredients listed in this serum are natural and promote hair lashes growth naturally.

The ingredients used in this product are clinically proven, so they don’t create any side effects.

All of the Big Full Lashes reviews are positive, and the consumer hasn’t experienced any side effects. 

Dosage And How To Use Big Full Lashes?

The user just has to use this serum once a day. Using this serum is very easy, and applying this to eyelids would promote longer and stronger eyelashes.

The user just has to apply this to the eyelids at night or in the morning on a dry and clean eye.

There is no burning effect or painful reaction of using this serum. This is just like using eyeliner. This is a faster and easier way to enhance your appearance. 

Big Full Lashes Drops Results

The Big Full Lashes reviews from the consumer of this product show that this serum will show a positive result in two to three months. But one has to use it in the proper way regularly.

There are some instructions on how to apply this product like the eye should be dry and clean. And by flowing the instruction and using it in the right way, the user will see faster results. 

Big Full Lashes Results

Is Big Full Lashes Legit?

Big Full Lashes is a clinically proven product, and it is legit. A clinical trial was also conducted with this serum, and 50 people, 20 men, and 30 women were part of this study.

At the end of the study, it was found out that the success percentage of this product was 85.7%.

85.7% of people from the research noticed healthier and thicker eyelashes.

71.4% of the participants looked younger, and their eyelashes look fuller.

42.9% of people admitted that their lashes looked darker.

85.7% of people noticed stronger and more attractive lashes.

CAPIXYL is a biomimetic peptide that increases the follicle size and helps the hair increase by anchoring.

It can boost the growth phase by 46%. Only after eight days of using this product, people show longer lashes. The hair and hair lashes are made of keratin, and this Bio-capigen of this product showed keratin synthesis of 26% only after a few days.

Only two ingredients of this serum made a huge difference, and from this, it can be assumed that the combination of other ingredients can give significant results. 

Big Full Lashes Customer Reviews And Complaints

All the Big Full Lashes reviews are positive, and there are no complaints at all. All of the people got benefits from using this product.

They feel more confident with their dense and long lashes. Some people who had very thin eyelashes from their childhood also got good results by using this product.

There were many young as well as old people who were using this product, and all of them got good results. 

Pricing And Availability

  • The sampler pack comes with one month of supply, and it costs $49.00 This package is for people who want to just try out this product. 
  • The three-month supply costs only $39.00 each, which makes it $117. This package gives a $10.00 discount on each serum.
  • Two months of supply cost $45.00 each, and this package cost is $90.00 Here people can save $4.00 on each product.

Big Full Lashes is only available on the official website and not anywhere else. It is not even available in any retail store or eCommerce store.

But owing to huge market demand, fake products are sold with the same market name.

That’s why people have to be careful while buying this product. Those people who are interested in buying the product from the official website can click here. 

Conclusion – Big Full Lashes Reviews

The verdict of the Big Full Lashes is that this product is a safe, highly effective, and affordable serum that boosts the lash’s growth reduces lashes breakage and makes them stronger and hence attractive.

The serum can help all the people who want to have thicker and dense lashes without facing difficulties or spending too much money.

As per the Big Full Lashes reviews, this serum has all the proven ingredients that wake up the lashes follicles and make them more active and stronger. 

Furthermore, this product is very easy to apply and doesn’t create any burning and weird sensations in the eyes.

This product is the best option for anyone who wants to enhance his/her appearance with beautiful eyes.

This powerful combination of natural ingredients can make people more confident by improving their appearance and making them look younger. 

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