Getting slime stuck on hair is a messy situation. It can be the hair of any adult or child.

However, children, owing to their mischievous side, are more prone to create chaos. Slimes are a fun prop to play with, but it takes just a few moments for it to end up on one’s hair from the play area.

What Are The Best Way To Get Rid Of Slime From Your Hair?

Although slime seems to be quite stubborn to get rid of, there are easy ways outs to handle the situation.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Slime From Your Hair

What is slime?

For figuring out ways to get rid of slime, the first crucial step is to have a clear understanding of the chemical makeup of slime.

Almost all slimes, even the homemade ones, contain the common ingredients, namely, glue, borax, baking soda, and food coloring.

Slimes are hard to remove using traditional methods because of the presence of borax and baking soda.

The strong adhesive property of slime is contributed by glue, while food coloring makes slime stains hard to wash off.

The high oil content of slime makes it insoluble in water and leaves a heavy oil mark on any surface it has adhered to.

Since it is insoluble in water, slime cannot be washed off with simple soap and water, but there are certain hacks that can counter the difficulty in easy steps.

Conditioners in rescue

According to the observations of silly putty maker Crayola, slime can be removed from hair using conditioners and warm water.

For slime stuck on the ends of hair, having a bowl of warm water helps, and for slimes on top or middle of the hair, a hot shower should be used.

Once the hair is soaked in hot water, conditioner should be used to create a lather, then using fingers gradually, it should be broken down running from the top of the hair to the bottom.

Conditioners contain oils that help in breaking down the slime, which can then be easily pulled out of hair.

Combing the hair at this stage further removes the slime, then a thorough wash with shampoo ensures all of the hair has gotten rid of the slime.

Slime from the hair can also be removed by using olive oil or vegetable oil. First, oil should be applied to the hair and then gently massaged, followed by slow combing.

This removes the majority of the slime. Any residuals can be washed off in a warm shower using shampoo and conditioner.

Big lumps of slime are the most difficult one to deal with; hence, before using any other product, one should try to remove as much as possible by simply pulling it out with fingers.

Applying a solution of 2/3rd cup of white vinegar and 1/3rd cup of warm water also helps in slime removal. The person should be standing in the shower wearing goggles to prevent the vinegar from coming in contact with the eyes. 

Next, the vinegar solution should be poured on the hair at the affected area and gently massaged. The process should be continued until most of the slime is gone. 

A warm shower with shampoo and conditioner removes any further traces of slime from the hair.

A quick and efficient way to remove slime from hair is using mayonnaise. It should be applied on hair similar to applying shampoo, massaged, and then combed gently with a brush, followed by a warm bath with shampoo and conditioner.

Applying peanut butter on the affected area of the hair where the slime is stuck helps in removing it without much effort.

The peanut butter should be allowed to stay on the hair for some time before being pulled out by fingers. A usual hair wash with warm water, shampoo, and conditioner cleans off any remaining traces of slime from hair.

For people with a light shade of hair, slime can leave behind its stain of food color on the hair. Food color stains left behind from slime are very stubborn to remove.

However, colour-sensitive shampoo like Tresemme helps in color removal from hair. Paper towels soaked in rubbing alcohol can also be used to wipe off the slime stain. (

The hair should be wiped from top to bottom while being cautious not to create tangles.

Removal of slime from clothing also follows a similar process, where most of the slime should be pulled out of the clothing, first using fingers.

Then the cloth should be washed with some strong dish soap and water while scrubbing on the stain till it is washed off.