Want to benefit maximum out of a workout? Here’s what you should know: many factors play a role in the outcomes of exercising. Even the time of day during which you exercise matters! If you’re here to decide between morning, afternoon and evening, keep scrolling to find out.

Morning workouts always have an edge

We’re partial to morning workouts. Mistake me not; evening workouts are no bad either, but the following reasons will help you figure out why morning workouts are one step ahead of evening workouts.

Best time of day to work out for maximum weight loss

Perks of morning workouts

  • Boost in metabolism

Studies have shown that working out in the morning, especially on an empty stomach, is an effective method of burning fat. This is because our body’s hormonal composition in the morning is more involved in metabolism.

This is because the levels of cortisol and growth hormone are at high levels in the morning. Not that these aren’t present in the evening, but you can expect a boost in the metabolism if you work out in the morning (especially sugar and fat metabolism).

Also, the fat reserve is taken up for energy when you work out in the morning, helping you in shedding off the right amount of fat.

  • Less appetite

Most of us might have tried to starve ourselves to shed off all that fat. But always remember, starving yourself to lose weight is unhealthy. You need to naturally reduce your appetite while ensuring that your body receives adequate nutrients required for the proper functioning.

Research has suggested that working out in the morning will lessen your appetite for that day, which will prevent you from consuming too much food. This will ultimately result in shedding pounds.

  • Better sleep quality

Studies have found that exercising at different times of the day impact sleep pattern in different ways. Though the effects of exercise on sleep vary from person to person, below mentioned are most commonly seen in the majority of the individuals.

Morning workouts are found to impact sleep patterns and quality positively. A possible explanation is that when you’re more alert in the morning, you tend to get tired earlier in the evening. This will help you go soon to bed at night rather than staying awake late at night.

“Early to bed, early to rise!” It seems like this good old quote is accurate in many ways. Not only will it help you get an adequate amount of sleep, but also a good quality of sleep.

Also, habits practiced in the morning are likely to last longer than when you practice them in the evening or night. But then again, it all depends on each person and cannot be generalized to all individuals.

  • Improved mental health

Exercising improves mental health, be it any time of the day. But mornings can enhance mental health simply because of the morning vibes. The fresh nature, oxygen-rich air, and beginning of the day…all play a proper role in reducing stress.

Taking some time for yourself in the morning can help you stay focused and happy throughout the day.

Losing weight vs performance

Though we saw several advantages of working out in the morning, exercising in the evening has its perks. One of them is the performance level.

Studies have shown that exercising in the evening will require less energy and take up less oxygen when compared to morning workouts. Since the energy expenditure is less, you’re more likely to exercise longer in the evening.

Mornings can help you lose weight, but evenings will result in improved performance. For instance, a person will be able to run for more extended periods in the evening when compared to the morning.

The Bottomline

The one fact you need to keep in mind is: find your own time to exercise. It doesn’t really matter if you work out in the morning or evening. A factor that is much more important for the best outcomes from exercising is consistency than the time of day. Only if you’re consistent in what you’re doing will you be able to obtain adequate results.

If you’re not a morning person, do not force yourself to wake up and work out in the morning. A lazy workout is going to do no good.

Note down the times of day when you feel more energetic and motivated to work out. Maintain a journal to track progress. And push yourself to schedule time for exercising.

Willpower and hard work can bring success. No shortcuts! Good luck.