Drugs, or supplements, and other substances that improve memory and other cognitive functioning creativity or motivation are called nootropics.

What Is The Best Supplement To Improve Memory?

This help to improve the executive functions of healthy people. Nootropics also reduce age-related problems in brain functioning

What Is The Best Supplement To Improve Memory

Among the ten best nootropics are the following.

Fish Oils

Fish have been used for a long time to boost memory. This supplement is rich in the two types of omega 3 fatty acids. They are linked to many health benefits in the body including brain health.

DHA which is one of the fatty acids in fish oils plays a vital role in maintaining the brain structure and function while the other omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil, known as EPA, has anti-inflammatory effects.

This protects the brain against damage and aging. Taking these supplements improves thinking reaction times and speed in healthy people. EPA isn’t always connected with improved brain function. Though in people who suffer from depression it’s associated with a good mood.

Eating two portions of oily fish per week will help you fight off the damaging effects of aging on the brain.

However, if you can’t access the oily fish, it’s advisable to take a supplement of 1 gm consisting of the mixed oil. This will also help you to achieve the correct brain health.


This is an antioxidant that naturally occurs in purple and red fruits. These fruits are like grapes, raspberries, and blueberries. It is also found in red wine chocolate and peanuts. This antioxidant prevents the deterioration of the hippocampus part of the cognitive function.

If you can’t find this supplement in naturally occurring foods then you can buy supplements from a store. They slow down damage to the brain and prevent aging. Resveratrol supplements are shown to improve memory and brain function. However, it’s not clear to what extent.


Is a naturally occurring stimulant that’s found in tea, coffee and dark chocolate? It’s possible to take it as supplement however there is no need when it naturally occurs in abundance.

It stimulates the body, brain and nervous system. It clears the fog and leaves you feeling energetic.

The natural stimulant improves your brain function and makes you feel more energized and alert.


Phosphatidylserine is a type of fat compound called phospholipids, and is found in your brain. There are suggestions that taking phosphatidylserine supplements could help preserve brain health .This supplement improves thinking skills and memory. It also reduces age-related brain functioning decline. This supplement occurs naturally in pork, chicken bed, and chicken liver among others

Phosphatidylserine supplements that occur in everyday foods will improve your thinking skills and memory. They will also help combat the decline in brain function as you age.


Acetyl-L-carnation is an amino acid produced naturally in your body. It plays an important role in your metabolism, and energy production. It occurs naturally in red meats dairy and poultry, Studies have it that the supplement will increase your learning capacity.

The supplement makes you feel more alert, slows down age effects on memory as well as clears any brain fog. Some supplements are store-bought. However, it’s prudent to eat foods that boost the element.

Taking the supplements will make you more alert, improve memory and boost brain function.

Acetyl-L-carnation element helps treat brain function loss in the elderly and with mental disorders patients such as those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a herbal supplement derived from the Ginkgo biloba tree. It’s however an incredibly popular supplement that is believed by many people to boost their brainpower. It’s available in stores. The supplement is thought to work through increasing blood flow to the brain and thus improves brain functions like focus and memory despite the widespread use of ginkgo Biloba, there are various results on its use.

Some say it reduces memory loss others say it improves learning. Whichever the result it’s an amazing supplement. Ginkgo biloba may help boost your short memory and thinking skills. It may also protect you from age-related decline in brain function. However, results are inconsistent.


This is a naturally occurring substance that plays a great role in energy metabolism. Found in muscles and brain, you will acquire it from popular foods like meat fish, and eggs. It improves memory and thinking skills.

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