If you are a book lover, you must have heard about herbal medicine books. Several options in the market help you in getting to know about various diseases.

These books offer a good knowledge of medicines and offer the readers an understanding of the natural ways of getting healed from deadly diseases.

Best Herbal Medicine Books

Let us get to know about some of the best herbal medicine books one must try reading. These books are easily available on different online stores to shop for and read.

There are countless excellent books on herbal medicine that will provide you with valuable insight into this ancient activity.

For several thousand years, herbal medicine has been practiced, and there are several of these books that will provide you with everything you need to know about its rich history.

Others will discuss the philosophy that underlies the actual practice of herbal medicine. In western culture, herbal medicine is fast becoming an appropriate type of medical care.

But Chinese medicine in the Orient has long been used in combination with contemporary Western medicine. By reading some of the many Chinese herbal medicine books available, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of Chinese medicine’s efficacy to improve your overall health.

Nevertheless, even if you don’t consider yourself a herbalist, this is known as one of the premier books on traditional herbal medicine you can buy.

There is a wealth of information to be found on every page of this great book that will enlighten you and help you become more familiar with traditional herbal medications, especially herbal medications.

The majority of people who buy reference books rarely have enough free time and stamina to read the entire volume, including Chinese herbal medicine books.

But you will find a wide range of fascinating health issues when you read Yifan Yang’s excellent publication, which will inspire you to read the whole thing. It’s one of the best books out there on ancient Chinese remedies, and it nourishes its readers’ minds with useful knowledge about the herbs used in this activity.

The complete book of Chinese medicine

The complete book of Chinese medicine

This book is the result of years of research and study by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, a world-renowned Shaolin Grandmaster.

He has an impressive track record of healing many so-called incurable diseases such as cancer, coronary diseases, diabetes, reproductive inadequacy, kidney failure, qigong therapy rheumatism, and asthma.

The goal of this exciting book is to introduce Chinese medicine as a wonderful and unique idea.

As meanings are sometimes overlooked or misinterpreted during translation, Sifu Wong’s mastery of both the Chinese and English languages made this book possible.

This book would also be invaluable to all those interested in Chinese medicine and to all who learn that, after all, Western medicine does not have all the answers.

The book includes Chinese Medicine’s history, growth, and key features, techniques, and tactics for diagnosing and treating patients.

The genie in your genes

The genie in your genes

The insights of Epigenetics’s modern field (i.e., regulation beyond the gene level) are applied to healing by Dawson Church. Citing hundreds of experimental experiments, he reveals how expectations and feelings can trigger DNA strands’ expression.

He is focusing on a gene class called Immediate IEGs or the early genes. Within a few seconds of a cue, these genes turn on. Thoughts or feelings will cause them.

There are several IEGs that are regulatory genes for other genes that control certain facets of our immune system , for example, blood cells of white colorwhich destroy invading bacteria and viruses.

Experts frequently explain studies into Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine ‘s baby topics, which all provide promising epigenetic therapies. The experts use the modern term of “Epigenetic Medicine.”

One of the researchers discusses some of the thousands of influential therapists, doctors and laymen who practise such methods.

The art of getting well

The art of getting well

To encourage and support people facing illness and want to improve their quality of life, the Art of Getting Well is published.

It discusses how to change the very things in your life that lead to disease and deprive you of energy in the face of a chronic disorder, far more than just another list of suggested behaviors and attitudes.

This book’s center is its passionate, powerful message of how self-care obstacles can be overcome, especially the lack of help, damaged self-esteem, loss of hope, and socio-economic challenges that stop people from getting well.

Spero proposes concepts and strategies, such as living with rhythm, the wisdom of the body, and the role of imagination in healing, seldom seen elsewhere.

The book is written in a conversational, upbeat style and features interviews and first-person recovery accounts to provide inspiration and hope to readers.

Constitutional acupuncture 

Constitutional acupuncture

A simple, comprehensive, and accessible presentation of the constitutional five-element acupuncture treatment’s key characteristics are provided in this exciting new textbook.

It covers the context and history of this acupuncture type and the theory of Chinese medicine that is important.

The book discusses the basis of diagnosis for five elements of acupuncture, potential blocks of treatment, and the treatment itself, after analyzing the elements themselves and the organs’ functions.

This places this treatment style in the context of other acupuncture treatment styles, especially Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as it is used today in the West.


These are some of the best books that you must read. They are one of the best options if you are looking for ways to try out your hands on herbal medicines.

Herbal medicines have been there from the past 3000 years. People get healed from them and suffer from no side effects.

If you also want to enjoy getting treated with the best, you must try reading the above-mentioned books. They have some of the best explanations to guide the readers with quick treatments. Reading books gives you the knowledge, and when you indulge in reading medicine books, you are offered a pool of ideas.

These books can prove to be your savior and keep you away from the side effects of the allopathic ones. Book your book today, and enjoy reading it to the core.