There are many apps available in the market, which cater to fitness and health enthusiasts. You can use them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most health apps aim to provide information about food items and provide recipes for healthy diets. Similarly, fitness apps are more focused on tracking your fitness activities and keeping track of the number of calories burned during the day.

What Are The Best Health And Fitness-related Apps?

Apps are designed to work with iOS and Android smartphones in most cases. However, you may find some apps that are specific to particular operating systems. Not all apps are free, and you may have to pay to get some premium features in some apps. Choose the apps based on your area of interest and workout sessions. You should also understand that these apps monitor your physical movement, and it may also store them to provide complete data at a later stage. For this reason, you should always choose apps that are trusted by millions of people and have a good reputation in the market.

What Are The Best Health And Fitness-related Apps?

Let us check out some of the top apps that can be used to track your fitness activities and improve your health.

Home Workout- No equipment

This app is aimed at people who do not want to visit the gym or use any fitness equipment. Most of the workout sessions that run on this app are designed to use your own body weight. In this way, you can comfortably work from your home and build muscles without visiting a gym.

It has many benefits as you can continue such workout sessions for a longer duration as there is no dependency on the availability of any equipment.

Sworkit workout and fitness app

The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The best part of this app is that it lets you choose the type of workout according to your preference. It offers workout plans for cardio, Yoga, strength training, and general stretching exercises.

You also have the option of mentioning the amount of time you plan to dedicate to your workout session. In this way, you can get customized workout plans as per your availability of time and preference for the workout category.

Map my fitness workout trainer app

If you take your fitness goals seriously, you need this app. It monitors the amount of calorie burnt during the day, along with distance cover, pace, and other important things. You can use it for running or for your gym sessions.

Once you set the type of workout you plan to have during the day; it will access the activities in that zone. In this way, you get to know how many calories you are burning daily. Apart from that, you can even keep track of your running sessions.

Nike Training Club app

This app from a world-renowned fitness brand Nike offers the best workout plans. It is available both on iOS and Android for free. The workout sessions are planned by experts in the industry, and you can get guaranteed results when you follow the instructions given in the videos and training material.

It is possible to customize your workout according to your age and fitness levels. The best is that you also get to share the results with your friends, and you can even compare the progress in due course of time. (

Google Fit app

Google fit is mainly used along with other fitness apps to keep track of your fitness sessions. You can get to save the data and sync it with your Google account.

In this way, you will be able to monitor your progress for a long duration. The app works with many other popular trending fitness apps in the market.

Runkeeper app

This app is aimed at professional runners who plan to participate in marathons and other such events. If you are into this category, choose this app as it makes it easy for you to track your running sessions without any hassles.

Calorie Counter app

This app is aimed at people who are focusing on their diet to lose weight. You have the option to scan the barcode of different food items, and the calories contained in them will be displayed in the app. It has a huge database of barcodes available for different types of food items. In this way, keeping a count of all the food items you eat will become easy.

One can download these apps and monitor his activities to be sure about calorie burnt and exercise done to a specific number. It also monitors the distance you have walked, ran, jogged, or cycled every day. In this way, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes comfortable with such apps. One can also set his goals on these apps and achieve the same regularly.