The advent of digitalization has brought the whole world to our fingertips. The ever-evolving technology has led humankind by storm and is progressing in leaps and bounds.

People are getting doorstep services with just a tap on the phone. Sedentary lifestyles have made on-screen transactions a necessity.

Best Eyewears For The Face – Keep Your Eyes Healthy

And the after-effects are borne by our innocent pair of eyes (besides other probable ones)! 

  • We see the world through the eyes

A pair of healthy eyes is something that all wish to possess. But it depends not only on the genes but also the environment we live and the lifestyle we follow.

A balanced diet with food rich in Vitamin A and C, ample physical activities, a good night’s sleep and staying away from alcohol and smoking can help maintain eye health.  Even a thorough check-up can be done (the dilated eye exam) just to keep an ‘eye’ on your eyes.

Best Eyewears For The Face

Vision impairments, near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism and so many others conditions are there, that can debar us from having good eyesight. It is here where a good pair of eyewear can help mitigate our problem and to a good extent.

Eye wares are not only a pair of glasses or spectacles that an ophthalmologist prescribes for better vision, but it also includes sunglasses (or shades as often called) or any protective glass (safety glasses and goggles) that is worn during certain work that prevents harmful substances from getting into our eyes. They can be both- a corrective as well as a preventive measure. 

  • Glasses or lenses- which are better?

Nowadays, we can see so many faces with glasses and the worst feel comes to see an innocent kid wearing one. However, wearing glasses is better than other options as it reduces the chances of touching our eyes that might initiate allergies or infections. It is good for dry and sensitive eyes. Glasses were earlier made of glass and were heavier and difficult to handle. But with technology, many lighter options are now available with special coatings that actually protect our eyes. There are polycarbonate or Trivex lenses that are great for kids. However, they can cause distortions at the ends and fogging up making vision difficult.

Hard or soft contact lenses, on the other hand, are easier to carry and the nose does not need to carry any extra weight. People with astigmatism can actually benefit from them. However, high astigmatism might cause blurred visions. A specific type, called the Toric contacts, is specially made for this. Chances of allergies and infections are there if hands are not washed properly before wearing one. Good contact lenses come at a price.

  • Sun and sunglasses

A pair of smart and in-fashion shades is what everyone wants. However, more than the style, it is the protective quality of the glasses, that should be considered. Researchers suggest that high UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun can cause vision problems later in life. Extensive damage to the macula (the area at the back of the eye that sends transmissions to the brain to derive a picture of what we see) is done due to excessive UV exposure. Light-colored eyes can suffer more. Hence, while choosing a sunglass, one must not only keep the style in mind but the protective and the comfort levels should be prioritized. 

 An ophthalmologist will always recommend something that will help in blocking both the UV A and UV B lights at the highest level.  It is always advisable to buy them from some reputed place.

People with macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy should select lighter shades. Even a kid needs a sunglass. The Vision Council of America says that since the damage is a cumulative result of a person’s lifetime, it is advisable that children should also be made to wear sunglasses. People already using glasses can opt for photochromatic lenses.

  • Simple steps to protect our eyes

Small steps can help us to keep our eyes protected and healthy. Whenever going out in the sun, we should always use sunglasses, even on cloudy days. We should use specially designed goggles while certain activities related to constructions, welding, and any kind of repairing works or while handling explosive or inflammable items. While using contact lenses, we should be extra careful about cleanliness as unclean hands can cause infections. And most importantly, give your precious two, some rest. Long hours in front of computers can have an immense effect on our eyes. Using anti-glares can help to certain extents. 

The eyes are the windows to the world. To perceive, you need to take care. It is better to take prevention than going into medical conditions. The best eyeware for the eyes is vision.

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