Welcome to the most unbiased First Strike review. Whether it is for your opponent or it is a life challenge, a first strike is always important, and it is all you need. There are many self-techniques for facing your tough opponent. So, if you are in search of a program for learning self-defense, then First Strike is the right choice.

Alphanation First Strike Review: Simple Attack Strategies To Defend Opponent

When you want to be a warrior, there are plenty of things you need to focus on. Among them, nutrition, fighting, education, gear, meditation, and of course, exercise is the most important. So, you need to understand as many aspects as possible and the best products and gears for becoming a warrior. Find out more about this program from the First Strike review below.

Alphanation First Strike Review

Product Name Alphanation First Strike
Category Self Defence Program
Main Benefits Help you to learn and master the details of fighting to become a better fighter

Todd lamb & Ari Knazan

Price $29
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

About Alphanation First Strike System

The First Strike can be understood as a self-defense program offered by Alphanation. This program is mainly focused on training users. The First Strike program can teach you the art of defending yourself and your loved ones. You can rely on this program since it is completely legit. Compared to many other self-defense courses available, the First Strike is very effective.

First Strike review claims that through this program, you can become a better fighter. The First Strike teaches you both defense and offense techniques. So, you can learn to defend as well as an attack in this First Strike program based on the situation. The program is released as an eBook, and this guide will offer you various tricks and tips. The First Strike program comes with many techniques for teaching you how to win a fight. As per the First Strike review since the book is written uniquely, users can easily understand the techniques.

About First Strike Program Creator

This program is designed by Ari Kazan and Todd Lamb. Todd was a SWAT team leader, and Ari is a teacher of martial arts. Ari also works as a personal safety expert. Through this First Strike program, they both have tried to explain self-defense in a step-by-step procedure. The First Strike helps in capitalizing the human power within you. The First Strike review says that The program insists on basic human self-defense instincts, and hence it is very easy to learn.

There is no need to have any prior training for learning the First Strike program. There is no condition that your body should be of the athletic type. So, without any knowledge of martial arts or other training, you can get mastery over self-defense using the First Strikeplan. Todd has a belief that we all can fight back, but society has made us not respond to violence. But, in some cases, we have to fight back. When your life is in danger or your loved ones are in danger, you should fight against the opponent. So, in such situations, you should know how to do the required. The Chest training self-defense system is highly effective.

Todd lamb and ari

There are many moves in martial arts. But, they are not useful in real-life scenarios. So, they have created the First Strike program based on human instinct. The moves in this program are easy to learn and understand. For more information, check First Strike reviews online.

They have collected all kinds of techniques based on human instinct. Later they are also combined with other important elements of martial arts moves. After that, they have combined their knowledge and experience in the self-defense field and finally formed the techniques of the First Strike program. First Strike Videos are the best source of information.

Features of Alphanation First Strike Videos

The First Strike eBooks focus on the textual matter along with guides for offering various tips and tricks.

  • The First Strike program teaches you the most effective and simplest tricks using which you can end a fight before it begins.
  • Through these tricks, it becomes easy to subdue your attacker even when he is armed. You can easily prevent yourself from injuries when he holds some sharp weapon.
  • The First Strike book has introduced seven special techniques. These are used by Special Forces, and you can use them to win fights. They help you in rendering the attacks by making your fighting style effective.
  • There are many simple tricks to turn the same attack on to himself.
  • According to the First Strike review, there are very simple and effective techniques, and they help in ending any kind of fight.
  • The First Strike program also brings the best methods for confusing your attacker. This can be done by targeting certain regions of his body.
  • The program can teach you everything about how to fight an opponent when he is much bigger than you. There will be weak points such as face, eyes, and teeth, and back of the head.
  • There are techniques mentioned even for the mass shooter and through which you will learn to walk away alive.

Pros and Cons of Alphanation First Strike eBook


There are many advantages to this First Strike program.

  • This book covers plenty of methods for fighting your opponent.
  • All you need is little practice, and you can master self-defense at home. There are plenty of other self-defense programs, but, First Strike stands out in the crowd since all of the other programs are highly complicated. Most of them also demand prior knowledge in martial arts.
  • As per the First Strike review, the program brings tricks and tips, techniques that are already tried and tested in real-life scenarios. There are thousands of people who have tried this program and convey the same thing.
  • If you are not satisfied with this program, you can request for refund. The refund is valid only till 2 months of the purchase of this First Strike program.
  • The program is a feasible means through which you can learn self-defense. Through this program, you can learn the skills and techniques to protect you and your family.
  • Compared to martial art classes and other training programs, the First Strike program is cheaper.
  • There is no need to buy any equipment for this program.
  • The moves as well as techniques mentioned in the program and designed by experts. They have experience and knowledge both in martial arts and self-defense. More than that they also have a background from Special Forces.
  • You can learn all the techniques and tricks at the comfort of your home and anytime.


  • There is no hard copy available for this book. The First Strike program is released only in digital format.
  • Some people may feel it difficult to learn the defense since they are completely against violence. So, if you do not have any plans for self-defense and protecting your loved ones in the worst situations, then this program is not for you. Get more info through, First Strike Customer reviews.

Techniques You Learn From the Program

There are plenty of tricks and techniques designed for self-defense in the First Strike program. The techniques mentioned in this program are unique and designed by experts, and you cannot find them in any other self-defense program.

Here is a list of techniques you can learn from the First Strike program.

  • There is a unique and best strike for ending the fight as soon as it starts.
  • You will get to know about seven Special Forces or techniques. Through these techniques, you can easily render the attacker’s combat and make him completely ineffective.
  • There is an easy method given for neutralizing the attacker even when he is completely armed. You can use the techniques and avoid injuries when the attacker has edged weapons.
  • As already mentioned in the First Strike review, The program teaches you techniques to transform the attacker’s intentions and make them go against him.
  • There are three special techniques for ending the fight as quickly as possible.
  • There is the best way to confuse the attacker. This is done by aiming the parts like the eyes and face of the attacker.
  • The First Strike program also teaches you tactics needed when you are confronted with a mass shooter.

Why Should You Use This Program?

There are many reasons to use the First Strike. Compared to other programs available in the market, the First Strike is highly effective, and it is designed by experts. First Strike Free Download techniques are also available in the program.

  • The First Strike program can be used by men as well as women.
  • The techniques can be used by both genders when we compare this program to others in this First Strike review which are mainly designed for a single group of people.
  • The First Strike program is user-friendly. You can learn the techniques in this program even though you do not have prior martial arts knowledge.
  • The program is designed by experts who have complete knowledge in the field of self-defense, Special Forces, and martial arts. So, they can easily guarantee that this program works for you.

Is Alphanation’s First Strike is worth buying?

Yes, the First Strike system is worth buying. Since you can learn all the techniques required for self-defense just from the comfort of your home, you should try this program. Compared to all other self-defense programs available, First Strike is available at the best price.

Alphanation First Strike Bonuses

The bonuses of the program are explained below in the First Strike review.

  • The Ghost Protocol:

Through this bonus, you will learn to hide from the attacker and learn techniques of defense when you are attacked.

  • The Advanced Situational Awareness:

This bonus is offered to learn about your environments. This helps you in avoiding confrontations which lead to fights.

  • The Command Presence Manual:

The bonus teaches you about striking feat in the mind of the attacker and prevents you from being a victim.

  • The Alpha Nation Online Coaching:

Get access to a huge range of self-defense information on the platform.

First Strike bonuses


You may get mugged in one or other life situation. Hence First Strike review proves that it is better to learn self-defense techniques. You can save yourself and your loved ones in the worst situations through the use of techniques provided in this book. The First Strike program is very effective in teaching all the required techniques for self-defense.