As per WHO, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world, heart disease coming in the first place. About 1 out of every six deaths globally is due to cancer, shocking, right? As the years’ pass, a higher number of people are being exposed to the risk of cancer, and the reason is simple- your diet.

15 Cancer-Causing Foods You Have To Stop Eating

Several harmful, chemical-laden foods have crept their way into your staple diet, foods that slowly and gradually may lead to cancer. Prevention is better than cure, and since curing cancer is difficult, taking precautionary measures is essential. Most people aren’t even aware that the things they consume daily are highly detrimental to their health.

Cancer Causing foods

Does These Food items cause cancer?

Let’s have a look at foods that might have become a part of your diet but are to be avoided from now on as they are potentially cancer-causing:

  • Soft drinks & Sodas:
    People so casually consume soft drinks almost daily without thinking of the harm it can cause! Sodas are sugar-loaded, empty calories that can badly deteriorate your health. They contain dangerously high levels of artificial chemicals and color that increase the risk of cancer.
  • Potato Chips:
    You all love munching on potato chips, don’t you? It’s your go-to snack. But have you ever considered going through the ingredients of the packed chips your taste buds cherish? Apart from containing high levels of sodium and trans fat that are linked to weight gain and high blood pressure, potato chips contain acrylamide, which is a carcinogenic chemical. This chemical is also found in cigarettes.
  • Alcohol:
    Alcohol damages the liver, but well, it also is directly linked to causing cancer. Anything in excess is harmful, and alcohol is no exception. A high intake of alcohol can lead to cancer apart from being associated with heart failure, sudden death, and stroke. Consuming excess alcohol should be avoided as alcohol is the second leading contributor to cancer.
  • Processed Meats:
    Processed meats are filled with huge amounts of salt and chemicals, along with tons of preservatives to enhance their look. All of these are highly carcinogenic and unhealthy. The preservatives often contain a lot of nitrates and nitrites, which are cancerous. Additionally, processed meat is rich in fat, which is bad for your heart and digestive system.
  • Microwave Popcorn:
    Who doesn’t like snacking on popcorn? Wait a minute, though. That popcorn that you love to munch may be negatively impacting your body. Microwave popcorn causes cancer, and no popcorn isn’t the problem, it is the bag it is microwaved in. The bag is lined with an acid called PFOA, which is known to cause various types of cancer.
  • Canned food:
    Canned foods are pretty common for their easy availability and maintenance; however, can linings contain a chemical called BPA, which is carcinogenic. The BPA on the can is slowly absorbed into the food inside the can, and the food becomes cancerous.
  • Artificial Sweetener:
    A lot of people believe that replacing real sugar with artificial sugar is good for health, which is wrong. Artificial sugar results in huge weight gain along with forming a chemical called DKP in your body. DKP is a toxin that can cause brain tumors. So, dump those artificial sweeteners and use real sugar.
  • Refined Sugars:
    Refined Sugars spike your insulin levels and are excellent fuel for cancer cells. They are easily converted into cancer cell growth as compared to regular sugar and hence should be avoided.
  • Pickled foods:
    A lot of us are fond of pickles because of its spicy taste. However, regular consumption of pickles increases the risk of gastric cancer. Eating pickles infrequently does not have a negative impact but can prove to be dangerous in excess.
  • Diet Foods:
    Diet foods, advertised as sugar-free or fat-free, are loaded with carcinogenic chemicals. Eating real and regular food is way better than opting for diet foods and increasing your risk of cancer.
  • Hydrogenated Oils:
    Vegetable oil, the most commonly used hydrogenated oil, contains trans fat, which is unhealthy and cancer-causing.
  • French fries:
    French fries contain excess salt, trans fat, and acrylamide, which, as previously discussed, are all cancer-causing.
  • Farm-raised fish:
    Farm-raised fish are full of antibiotics and pesticides that are cancerous.
  • Smoked Meat:
    Yes, smoked meat is cancerous. This is because while smoking the meat, the meat absorbs tar from the smoke, which is absorbed by your body when you eat the meat. Tar is a major cause of cancer.
  • Processed white flour:
    Refined white flour is bleached flour. The chemicals remain in it after the process of refining is completed as well. The more the processing, the higher the carbohydrates, that adversely affect diabetics. Refined white flour alone isn’t dangerous, but with other foods can increase insulin, which is a favorite food for cancer cells.

So, these are some of the foods that can lead to cancer. Reducing their consumption, and eventually eliminating it from your diet is the best prevention measure you can take. Risking your life isn’t worth these foods, right?