Healthy kidneys are vital for the smooth functioning of our body. The most important function of kidneys is to flush out the waste products and excess fluid from your body for maintaining a balance of body chemicals. However, certain habits of yours can cause harm to this organ and lead to kidney stones and other kidney diseases.

10 Habits That Damage Your Kidneys!

The higher the bad habits, the greater the damage to your kidney- However, the functioning of kidneys isn’t distorted overnight. Your kidneys are damaged slowly and steadily. It can be described as a long process and depends on what you expose your kidneys too. You often don’t pay attention to the adverse effects your habits can have on your kidneys. Hence, let’s discuss a few habits that you need to eliminate for healthy kidneys.

10 Habits That Damage Your Kidneys!

Low intake of water

It’s not uncommon to ignore your water consumption due to various reasons, be it work or not wanting to go to the washroom repeatedly. However, people do not realize that ignoring water intake damages the kidney.

Water is necessary to maintain the fluid levels of the kidney and to flush out toxins and sodiums from the body. The National Kidney Foundation has slated drinking sufficient water as a must for a healthy kidney; otherwise, it can lead to kidney stones. Make sure you have sufficient water.

Having excess painkillers

Popping a painkiller every time you have a headache seems perfectly normal, doesn’t it? While painkillers help in relieving you from aches and pains, excess consumption of painkillers harms the kidneys, especially if you already have kidney diseases. Be careful when having painkillers and never exceed the prescribed dosage.

Consuming too much salt

Overeating salt means a high intake of sodium- You might directly have high sodium through salt in your food or unknowingly through canned foods, snacks, and junk food. Whatever the case, sodium is a problem, especially for people already having high blood pressure.

High levels of salt harm your kidney. Replace the unhealthy salty snacks and canned food with fresh and natural foods and fruits.

Holding your pee

When you don’t go to pee even though you know it is time, your body holds the toxins within your body, which may lead to kidney stones. Hence going to pee from time to time is important for a healthy kidney. Don’t try to control your pee- When you know you have to go for it, go.

Consuming lots of sugar

Sugar is notorious for causing diabetes and obesity, both of which are linked to kidney diseases. While sweets and desserts are known for their sugar content, be careful when having packaged food, white bread, and breakfast cereals. They are home to processed sugar. You should be cautious in your sweet intake to keep yourself healthy.

Not exercising

A damaged kidney is often linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Limited physical movement and not exercising have been linked to kidney diseases, probably because physical activity improves blood pressure and metabolism, both important for the proper functioning of the kidneys.

Eating protein-rich foods like red meat

Having too many proteins generates high amounts of acid, thus resulting in acidosis. In acidosis, the kidney cannot flush out acids fast enough and is damaged. Protein-rich food like red meat make kidneys perform hyperfiltration, damaging it.

High alcohol consumption

People who are heavy drinkers have a high chance of developing chronic kidney diseases. Kidneys remove toxic substances from our body which includes alcohol. Having excess alcohol adds pressure on your kidney and may damage it.

Not eating medicines properly

When eating medicines, the timeliness and quantity matter. You should eat medicines on time and be extremely particular about the dosage. You should also ensure a fixed duration between them.

However, you also need to be careful about the concentration of the medicines. 90% of the drugs you have are excreted through the kidneys. If your kidneys are already less efficient, these drugs can have a massive impact on them.

Sleeping less

Nowadays, skipping sleep for binge-watching shows isn’t rare. However, it is important to consider the effect this has on your physical health. A right amount of sleep is necessary for a healthy body.

Sleep regulates the kidney functions and helps the kidneys in balancing their workload over 24 hours.

Each of you has at least one of the above habits, not realizing how it is affecting your body. It’s time you work on it and altogether remove it from your lives. You are often not aware of how you are harming the body through your habits. Hence, it is essential to understand the impact of your habits. Let’s try to eliminate all practices that may damage your kidneys to ensure they function smoothly.