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Source of Payment Typology Code Set Implementation by States

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The purpose of this paper is to document current state efforts to implement the Source of Payment Typology developed and maintained by the Public Health Data Standards Consortium (PHDSC). The development of a standard source of payment classification system is a high priority for public health and can be used for a wide variety of public health activities such as monitoring healthcare access and documenting disparities. States and researchers indicated that they would welcome an additional standardized source of payment typology that would enable them to compare data across states and providers. The PHDSC collaborated with states in the creation of the typology with the goal of incorporating typical state requirements. It is important to note that to date there are no state mandates to use the typology. This paper documents the efforts in the states of Georgia, Oregon, New York, and California to voluntarily implement the typology.

For a comparison of the X12 and the PHDSC Payer Typology standards please reference Appendix A of the PHDSC Payer Typology Users Guide.


Source of Payment Typology Code Set Implementation by States
Final Report