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Public Health in Health IT Standardization
Resource Center

The Public Health in HIT Standardization Web-Resource Center was one of the first products to be implemented from the Business Case: Role of Public Health in National HIT Standardization. It was created to support public health participation in HIT standardization activities.

The Public Health in HIT Standardization Web-Resource Center is targeted to:

  • Public health professionals and clinicians participating in or planning to participate in HIT standardization activities
  • Public health leadership planning to upgrade organizational systems to interoperable standards-based HIT solutions
  • Researchers interested in using healthcare and public health data
  • Academicians teaching public health and health sciences informatics
  • HIT vendors, and
  • Other stakeholders interested in HIT standardization activities in public health.

The Web-Resources Center includes the following:

Module 1: HIT Standards Resource - Launched in June 2009 - an informational resource that describes HIT standardization phases, entities and their products.

Module 2: HIT Adoption Stories - Launched in April 2011 - a searchable database on the activities and varied uses of health information technology in public health. The stories cover local, state, federal and international public health agencies, public health research, public health interoperability and standards development, and HIT resources, as well as broader HIT activities that affect public health.. Each story includes a short overview of the HIT example, activity, resource, or effort and a web link. Where available, stories also include the successful outcomes; barriers and challenges; lessons learned; and related web links and/ or journal citations.

Module 3: Public Health Participation in Health IT Standardization - Launched in August 2011 - a resource for public health professionals to navigate through and participate in the national HIT standardization entities and their activities. The Module describes:
Why participate?
Where should public health participate?
What public health interests to bring to the HIT standardization table?
Who should participate?
How should public health participation be coordinated?
How much does participation cost and how can it be funded?

Module 4: Functional Requirements for Information Exchanges - Coming Soon - an online survey to gather functional requirements for public health information systems

Other information about the project can be found at the project wiki pages at https://