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Public Health in Health IT Standardization
Web Resource Center

PHDSC's Web Resource Center on Public Health in HIT Standardization is one of the first products to be implemented from the Business Case: Role of Public Health in National Health Information Technology Standardization Coordinated Public Health Action Plan on HIT Standards.

The goals of this Web Resource Center are to:

  • Equip public health professionals with proper HIT knowledge and skills;
  • Provide information about existing HIT standards;
  • Provide information about adoption of standards-based HIT products in public health;
  • Solicit public health needs for new HIT standard; and
  • Monitor and coordinate public health participation in the HIT standardization process.

The Web Resource Center consists of modules designed to address barriers for public health participation in HIT standardization and intended for: public health, HIT leadership and decision-makers, public health program leadership, public health practitioners, clinicians, and researchers.