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Public Health Reporting Resource Repository Project

The public health community launched the Public Health Reporting Initiative (PHRI) - a community- led effort among several initiatives of the Standards and Interoperability (S&I) Framework, Office of National Coordinator of Health IT (ONC). The PHRI is aimed to build a common understanding and coordination within the public health community on how the interests of programs, agencies, and jurisdictions can be represented in the standard-based, interoperable HIT products.

PHDSC and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) partnered to analyze web- based resources available for public health professionals to support their participation in the national HIT standardization process, in general, and PHRI, specifically.

The Public Health Reporting Resource Repository (PH Reporting Resource Repository, Repository) will be a web-based informational and educational resource on HIT standards and standardization process. The PH Reporting Resource Repository is envisioned to be aligned with the CDC Public Health Information Network (PHIN) web-resources on HIT standards.

Using various dashboard views, the PH Reporting Resource Repository will be targeted to:

  • Public health professionals involved in using data
  • Public health informaticians involved in designing public health information systems
  • Standards developers participating in the development of HIT standards for public health
  • HIT vendors interested in deploying their standards-based products in public health,

More information about the project activities can be found at the project wiki pages at