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Public Health Participation in
Health IT Standardization

Public health is a critical partner of the healthcare enterprise whose infrastructure, knowledge and services are essential and irreplaceable in delivering quality care and in protecting the nation's health. -- PHDSC

National Health IT adoption strategies have created unprecedented interest in using population-level data. Such data can be available if public health information systems successfully interoperate, i.e., receive and send data between clinical information systems; and across health information systems at all levels of government. We propose a business strategy that
(a) maximizes the impact of those who participate on behalf of public health in the national Health IT standardization process, and
(b) obtains input from and informs and educates, other public health stakeholders.

PHDSC works with public health community to assure that public health has a strong, coordinated voice in Health IT standardization to improve the public health of the Nation.

Through this joint public health effort, we could achieve meaningful interoperability across public health information systems as well as between public health and clinical information systems.

A Coordinated Public Health Action Plan on Health IT Standards sets an open, transparent, participatory process assuring that public health has a strong, coordinated voice in the national Health IT standardization process

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