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Public Health Participation in
Health IT Standardization

Why participate in National Health IT Standardization
“No Public Health Program left behind.” -- PHDSC

Integration of public health information and information systems can improve the effectiveness of public health programs, the quality of care and the health of the public.

Public health needs can only be communicated effectively to standards developers, and, in turn, built into standards, if public health professionals who know these needs participate in the Health IT standardization process.

Participation by state and local public health representatives in national Health IT standardization ultimately means that public health needs for interoperable clinical and information systems will be addressed in the standards-based certified Health IT products. This participation, in turn will:

  • Improve efficiency of public health operations
    • redundancy of data gathering across programs will be eliminated by using standards-based interoperable health IT applications, i.e. collect once –re-use many times
  • Improve ability to communicate public health information back to clinicians
    • public health and clinical decisions will be supported by comprehensive and timely information, such as public health alerts and notifications; population health status and disease surveillance reports; information about public health resources; public health guidelines and recommendations; and health educational materials
  • Enable adoption of modern interoperable health IT applications in public health
    • health IT applications will support the business and data needs of public health and clinical professionals
  • Help achieve population health goals of the Nationwide Health Information Network
  • Maximize the potential of state and local public health entities to receive funding from federal and other sources
    • interoperable public health IT solution will more likely be funded under the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan