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Public Health Participation in
Health IT Standardization

How Much will participation cost and how should it be funded?

All Health IT standardization entities rely heavily on volunteers to develop, harmonize, and test standards. Standardization entities expect that participating organizations bear the cost of employee work hours spent on conference calls, attending meetings, developing/reviewing documents. Health IT vendors cover their employees' costs of participation because it is in the vendorŐs interest to influence standards in ways that enhance their competitive advantage.

Federal agencies support their representatives, while only a few state and local public health agencies are able to do so.

Proper resources must be allocated to support public health participation in the national HIT standardization process.

Proper resources are needed to support public health participation in this process.

Based on participation of PHDSC representatives at HL7, ASC X12, HITSP, and IHE, we estimate the following dollar costs: