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Standards for Public Health Laboratory (PH-Lab) Data Exchange

The PHDSC worked with the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) on developing interoperability standards for electronic communication between laboratories, public health agencies and clinicians by operationalizing existing HIT standards for laboratory information exchanges. As an initial consensus-building activity between two organizations and other CDC projects related to standardization of laboratory data exchanges, APHL and PHDSC developed a White Paper: Assure Health IT Standards for Public Health that includes two documents as follows:

The White Paper serves as an informational resource to support APHL-PHDSC partnership in working with various HIT standardization entities to develop, harmonize, and test HIT interoperability standards for public health laboratories; and certify and deploy standards- based HIT products for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMSs).

The White Paper was published for public comments in early January 2012. We completed comment reconciliation and published the White Paper in April 2012.

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Press Release

Assure Health IT Standards for Public Health - Part 1: Health IT Standards in Public Health Laboratory Domain

Assure Health IT Standards for Public Health - Part 2: A Roadmap on HIT Standardization for Public Health Laboratories