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Health Information Technology Standards

State Health Policy Consortium (SHPC)

State Health Policy Consortium (SHPC) (formerly HISPC) is an Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) initiative that continues to support work begun under Health Information Security & Privacy Collaboration (HISPC) to resolve policy issues that will facilitate information exchange across states.

Groups of three or more states can apply for support services such as virtual and in-person meeting resources, policy and legal research, and technical and business architecture expertise, related to approved multistate Consortium activities. States requesting support build upon current efforts to promote solutions to policy challenges to interstate electronic health information exchange.

As of May 2012, over 28 states have been involved in a wide variety of collaborative projects that tackle cutting-edge questions related to interstate exchange in the areas of:

  • consent management,
  • disaster preparedness and response,
  • exchange of behavioral health data,
  • regional trust anchors to support HISP connectivity and centralized Direct provider directories, and
  • engaging HIEs and the vendor community in the reuse of interfaces, documentation and other assets related to the development of HIE and HIT infrastructure.