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PRISM Project Phase 2.0

In June, 2007 the Public Health Data Standards Consortium unveiled PRISM, a comprehensive tool for public health professionals that provides guidance on specific health information privacy issues.  In its first iteration, PRISM is a simple point-and-click access system that provides guidance for some of the most common health information disclosure situations faced by public health agencies.

In January, 2008, the PHDSC undertook the next phase of the PRISM Project.  The project will:

  • Review and assess the PRISM tables to correct and edit any content for accuracy and consistency, and align content across the three functional table sets.
  • Create a new table to address issues regarding disclosures TO public health entities. This would focus on the legal basis that allows information to be disclosed to public health authorities and for public health purposes, and provide justification to counter any refusals to comply with reporting requirements and conduct other legally allowable information exchanges.
  • Develop “PRISM LITE”, a Summary Principles of Practice document that extracts the core tenets, common elements, and main concepts applicable across the board for public health and other public sector health agencies dealing with health information privacy issues.  The report would include common rules applicable to selected types of health data.
  • PRISM Marketing, Education and Outreach Materials, such as tool profile summaries, power point presentations, self-guided web-based tutorials; conduct in-person presentations at national and regional events, and create and perform other marketing and education and outreach materials and activities to help promote the use of PRISM.