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Privacy and Security Solutions and Best Practices for Interoperable Public Health Information Exchanges

The Health Information Security and Privacy Collaborative (HISPC), a national project involving 33 states and Puerto Rico, has been one of the most comprehensive state-level engagements in recent years focusing on identifying and addressing the impact that variations in privacy and security policies, practices and laws have on the implementation of interoperable state and regional health information exchanges. During its first phase (2006-2007) the project gathered state solutions and implementation plans (as well as inter-state and national-level recommendations) to address identified barriers by state and national HISPC teams.

As a result of intensive state-level deliberations and inter-state and national discussions, HISPC has collected a wealth of state-specific information on these variations, proposed solutions and implementation plans.  The domains covered by states in this project include health care delivery (treatment), payment, operations, research, RHIO-related activities, and Public Health.

The purpose of this project is two fold:

  • Conduct a systematic, in-depth analysis of the Public Health Domain covered by all states during the HISPC project, building upon the detailed documentation of issues, variations, barriers, solutions and implementation plans, to identify best practice and guidance recommendations on how to address those issues that can be applied across states.  Multi-state and national issues will also be addressed.
  • Select a group of states and conduct an in-depth analysis of the states’ privacy and security best practices for planning and implementing interoperable public health information exchanges.

Project Deliverables

  • Report 1: Targeted summary and analysis of issues related to interoperability of Public Health information exchanges, based on the assessment of variations conducted by states during the HISPC Project
  • Report 2: Targeted summary and analysis of recommended solution and implementation plans related to interoperability of public health information exchanges, based on the analysis of solutions and development of implementation plans conducted by states during the HISPC Project
  • Report 3: Identification and documentation of best practice and development of solutions and guidance on implementing interoperable Public Health information exchanges at the state level.  Include analysis of issues and practices at the Multi-state and National Level.