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Pediatric Electronic Health Record: Public Health Perspectives


The goal of this project was to explore what it would take to achieve easy electronic information exchange between clinical and public health organizations. The four clinical areas used as examples—newborn screening, immunization, growth and development, chronic disease care—have the potential for bi-directional information exchange, not only for public health surveillance but also for feeding timely information back to the provider for clinical decision support and care coordination. We compared information requested by a state health department (Maryland) with information available from a large pediatric provider in that state (Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions). The task involved mapping public health and provider data forms in order to better understand issues around overlaps and gaps in data content, standards, and protocols for information exchange between clinical care and public health.

This project was funded by the Contract from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) No.: 04-S250-0115.

Final Report

Pediatric Electronic Health Record: Public Health Perspectives