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DHHS Office of the National Coordinator for
Health Information Technology

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) provides counsel to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and departmental leadership for the development and nationwide implementation of an interoperable health information technology infrastructure.  Use of this infrastructure will improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care and the ability of consumers to manage their health information and health care.

“The Decade of Health Information Technology: Delivering Consumer-centric and Information-rich Health Care” report is an outline of the ONC’s plan to transform the delivery of health care by building a new health information infrastructure that includes electronic health record systems (EHRS) interconnected via a Nationwide Health Information Network. This report identifies four major goals, with strategic action areas for each:

  • Inform clinical practice - Bringing information tools to the point of care, especially by investing in EHR systems in physician offices and hospitals.
  • Interconnect clinicians - Building an interoperable health information infrastructure, so that records follow the patient and clinicians have access to critical health care information when treatment decisions are being made.
  • Personalize care - Using health information technology to give consumers more access and involvement in health decisions.
  • Improve population health - Expanding capacity for public health monitoring, quality of care measurement, and bringing research advances more quickly into medical practice.