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Electronic Health Record - Public Health Task Force

Evaluation of HL7 EHR-S Functional Model from Public Health Perspectives

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Health Level Seven (HL7)'s Electronic Health Record System (EHR-S) Functional Model Draft Standard for Trial Use (EHR-S DSTU) provides strong benefits for public health information systems.

At the request of the EHR Collaborative, the Consortium launched a PHDSC Ad Hoc Task Force on Electronic Health Record – Public Health (EHR-PH) to evaluate the EHR-S DSTU from the public health perspective.  Cross mapping the HL7 EHR functions to core public health functions and interventions demonstrates that core public health functions are well represented in the EHR-S DSTU, and that the EHR-S DSTU provides a foundation for integration of healthcare and public health services and has the necessary functionality for reporting and sharing information across clinical and public health systems.

Sixty-four volunteers of the Task Force developed an evaluation report in a format of a White Paper "Electronic Health Record: Public Health Perspectives" that (1) summarized the HL7 EHR-S DSTU evaluation from public health perspectives, (2) described benefits for public health participation in the EHR-S-based health information exchanges with clinical settings and (3) formulated a need for public health community to bring a common voice to the national efforts of standardization of healthcare information.


"You are simply not going to believe how awesome this report from public health is. It is the most comprehensive validation report filed to date with the EHR Collaborative."
-Don Mon, Vice President, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

"Electronic transmission of standardized data from the patient health record to public health agencies via the EHR is essential to support key public health functions and services, and supply public health data repositories."
-Janet Marchibroda, Co-chair of the PHDSC Ad Hoc Task Force, board member of PHDSC, and Executive Director of eHealth Initiative.

Adopting the EHR would not only enhance the information, data, and communication systems within the public health infrastructure, but would also increase the capacity of the organizational and system components of the infrastructure."
-Anna Orlova, Co-chair of the PHDSC Ad Hoc Task Force and executive director of the PHDSC

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White Paper "Electronic Health Record: Public Health Perspectives"

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